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Google Photos Starts receiving Support for Foldable Phones



The Tech Giant has already started its support for the Foldable phones for its Google Photos. Although Samsung Galaxy Fold gets a rough start, foldable devices are here to stay and many other OME’s are also getting ready to launch their foldable devices. Google Photos is already receiving support for the foldable phones and will also be the first application from Google to get the support.

Google wants to make sure that it is not going to miss an opportunity to have its applications compatible with the foldable phones and we should see more of its applications getting the support soon. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to hit the market on 26th of April and after its bumpy start, we need to see how the South Korean Giant is going to react on the breaking issues that many reviews across the globe have reported recently.

Well, the improvements to the Google Photos app will include the continuity of the screen when the device get unfolded or vice versa. For example, if you are watching a movie when the device is folded and you decide to watch the movie on a bigger screen and unfold the device, you won’t be experiencing any issue switching from the small screen to bigger flawlessly without any lag.

Furthermore, the iOS version of the application will also be getting the update with an indicator which will be allowing its users to get the first glance of their video and photos which have not been backed up to the cloud yet. This will allow its users to choose the elements that will be backed up. Well, we can expect other apps from Google to get support for the foldable devices soon. Comment in the section below if you have more queries and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for similar news and updates.


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