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USB Type-C To Type-A Cable Missing in Google Nexus 5X Package



Hold your horses, tech giants. You are taking this “USB Type-C is the future” very seriously. But the future isn’t here yet for most of us. The odds are that you are still surrounded with Type-A standard cable, which is the usual rectangular USB port that you’ve been seeing on your electronics for quite a long time.

So, it is for a fact that adapters and converter cables would come under the necessary parts if you’re purchasing a device with USB Type-C port. Isn’t that correct? Yes. But unfortunately, Google doesn’t think so, as the company isn’t offering the USB Type C-A cable/converter on the retail unit of their new Nexus 5X. The only cable and charger that you get in retail unit supports USB Type-C at both ends. Unless you have a MacBook 12-inch model, purchasing 5X might create charging problems for you. We can’t carry all the chargers for different devices everywhere, right!

We had the similar experience with OnePlus 2. But you should give them some room as the company has offered their device for a very aggressive pricing. Whereas we can’t say that for the Nexus devices announced for this year. Though, only the Nexus 6P was expensive enough for Google to bundle the accessories with the device.

Nexus 5X Retail Unit

It is confirmed by Google that only Type C-C cable is provided with Nexus 5X while the Nexus 6P gets both, Type C-C and C-A cables as a part of retail unit. It means that you cannot use a different charging adapter or USB port on your laptop as the charging source, if you have only Type C-C cable with you.

We found that Google not only mentioned this information on their support page for Nexus smartphones, but have also listed the accessories on their website. Currently, they are not available to purchase for obvious reasons as Google is yet to launch Nexus devices in India on October 13th. We already know the pricing of these accessories. Check them out below.

Nexus 5X USB Type C Accessories

  1. Universal 15W USB Type-C Charger – Rs 1,799.99
  2. USB Type-C to Type-C Cable – Rs 1,399.99
  3. USB Type-C to USB Standard-A Plug Cable – Rs 909.99
  4. USB Type-C to USB Standard-A Adapter – Rs 909.99

The pricing for these accessories are pretty high. Guess, Nexus devices are not as cost effective they used to be. Is Google heading in the right direction with this? What are your thoughts about it? Let’s converse in the comments section below.


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