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Apple iPhone 6S Disables Camera Flash during Phone Overheating



iPhone 6S over heating

Finally, the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are available in stores starting from September 25 in most of the major markets. There are more than 13 million units have been sold in just first three days of the sale. While many users felt happy for getting their hands on the first set of devices, there are few users who have reported few issues.

Unlike the bend gate issue on the last years iPhone 6 Plus, the latest issues aren’t that big. A user on Reddit posted an image saying the flash has been disabled while the device is overheated. From the screenshot, we can see the warning of flash being disabled along with the message saying, “The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.”


Few other users have also reported that the latest iPhone is overheating. This is the major issues for most of the smartphones that are launched in this year. The Snapdragon 810 is also accused of overheating issue, which is the reason most of the major brands have avoided it.

The overheating might due to be overload on the processor along with lots of multi-tasking. Users who have reported the overheating issue are mostly using the 16GB variant iPhone 6S. Since the OS and system apps takes space from the inbuilt storage, only 10.5GB will be available to the end user.

As we tested with the newly added 4K recording feature, only 28 minutes of 4K recording will completely fill up your device storage. The A9 processor along with low amount of storage can also be can also be the reason behind the issue. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days regarding the overheating issue.


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