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Google, Dashlane team on Open YOLO Project to build Universal Password Manager



Security in smartphones is very important and all manufacturers are trying their best to provide that. Talking about security, smartphones these days are doing far better than what they used to. Even today, many people have problems with typing passwords into phones. This is most common with everyone. Google is working this, trying to change the way it works. They have also improved some security features with Android 7.0 Nougat.

On the same lines, it is teaming with Dashlane and other password managers on the “Open YOLO” (You Only Login Once) project. So basically the idea here is to create an API that will let Android Developers access password managers so that users can log into applications without having to type passwords. Dashlane, along with other password managers is heading this venture.

We don’t have much to talk about here though due to lack of details. But according to reports, the way it will work is, users will log in once to the password manager and then it will get access to all apps that support open YOLO. But it is unclear as to what will happen if someone hacks into the YOLO or the password manager itself? Well, that is something to be on a look out for. Earlier this year, for example, Dashlane became the first password manager to support the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor (U2F) authentication standard.

According to other reports, it is expected that Dashlane will come up with this project for other operating system and platforms as well. But they are starting things off strong with Android, and it appears that the project is going well so far. Dashlane reported that they are looking forward to expanding the project and help benefit the entire security ecosystem as a whole. We will eventually get more info on this sooner or later. So stay tuned for more info this in coming weeks or months.


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