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Google Allo Joins Other Dead Products List, to Stop After March 2019



Google on its blog post has confirmed that they have stopped support for its Allo and it will continue to work till March 2019 to makes sure that its users will be able to export all the conversation history from the app. Google Allo has been an instant messaging mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms which uses the phone numbers as identifiers allowing its users to send messages, files or even voice notes. Initially released in the year 2016 on 21st September, the app couldn’t gain much of popularity and Google has stopped investing in it from April this year.

On the blog post, the Tech Giant mentioned that they want every Android device to have a great messaging experience and they have been working closely with mobile industry to upgrade SMS so that its users around the globe can enjoy the services like group chats, read receipts or shirring high-resolution photos like WhatsApp. The features like Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support from Allow has been moved to Messages and to continue the momentum and to focus on Messages services, Google is stopping Allo support.

Google has built many products over the year to improve communication between people as it is on elf the most import part of one’s life. Be it calling a friend for an evening meeting in the gym or an early call from mom to get ready to the college or breakfast. Furthermore, Google Duo is another high quality messaging app from Google which is one of the highest rated mobile application across iOS and Android as well.

Google has also said that it will be changing the classic hangout to hangout chats and hangout meets on both mobile and desktop. These are mainly focused on team collaboration for G Suite customers and will be available for Hangout users also. Well, do you still use Google Allo service? If Yes, then you need to look for an alternative and backup all your data on it. Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.


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