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Google Allo Application updated with new features for better user experience



Google announced the new Allo application back in Google I/O this year and soon after that the application went live for people to download from the Google Play store. Now as of today, the Allo application has over millions of downloads, which only goes to show, how successful the application is. Users seem to love it as they can enjoy a full-fledged personal assistant with it. And well, you can say since the Nougat users or old Android version don’t have the Pixel like Assistant features, this is as good as it gets for you.

But don’t worry, if you think that the company has now left you all behind, then you are wrong. Yes, because the company has now pushed a new update to the application which adds some new features which you might be interested in. The Google Allo application is now updated with some new neat features like built-in split screen (multi-window) and inline replies from the notification shade. Yes, these are nothing major in terms of new features, but it is good to see some development happening here after all.

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With that being said, if you are one of the Google Allo application users, then you can update the application right now and use all these new features and get a feel for the new Nougat features. In order to launch the Allo application in the Split-screen mode, open the app and hold the recent apps button on your device. With that, you can use any other apps along with that side-by-side. And as far as the inline notification feature is concerned, all you have to do is pull down the notification shade once you receive a new notification.

From there, simply tap on reply and then the keyboard will pop-up and you should be ready to reply from there. As mentioned earlier, these are nothing new, but always good have these new updates coming from the developer. And on the other hand, if you are one of those people, who have never used this application before, then you can do so by downloading the Google Allo app from the link below. It is definitely worth giving it a shot and yes, it also comes with all the goodness of new features as well.

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Alos, if you are wondering what is the difference between this one and the Assistant in the Pixel devices, then the only thing which you should know is the fact that on Pixel devices, the Assistant will pop-up when you tap and hold the home button. It is more like an inbuilt feature and is more prominent on the Pixel devices than it is on other devices running Nougat. What difference does it make? Well, not much because you are essentially getting the same exact Assistant on both the places. And if you ant to enjoy the Assistant features throughout the OS, then you have no other option but to buy one of the Pixel smartphones.


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