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Instagram is testing Live Video broadcast feature on Android



The idea of broadcasting live videos became quite popular after the introduction of services like Periscope. Now more and more social media giants are trying to implement the same idea. Facebook introduced the Live video feature, with which anyone can start a live broadcast from anywhere and at any given point. Even YouTube tested the live video feature quite recently with which channels can start a live video broadcast at any given time. And with all these media platforms adopting this, it is clear that this is the future and we will see more and more apps and services take advantage and join the existing ones with this.

On the same lines, it looks like Instagram is also testing something similar. Yes, if your favorite application to share photos and videos is Instagram, then you will be delighted to know that the live broadcast feature is coming to Instagram. A new report by the source shows live functionality embedded into Instagram stories with the word ‘LIVE’ on it. If you are an Instagram user, then you already know that the company actually came up with Instagram Stories recently which is their own version of the Snapchat story.

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And it looks like the users who will be going live from Instagram will be displayed to their followers there along with the stories. The app interface with which one will be going live has also been spotted, and it looks something like this.


As you can see, there is a big red button at the bottom which says “Go Insta!”. It is nothing but the button with which you can start your live broadcast. However, the idea of displaying profiles that are live on the top along with the stories is a good idea. With this, once a particular user opens up the application, the first thing he/she will notice are the users who are broadcasting something live.


We surely can’t wait to try this out once it comes out. Speaking of this feature going live, it looks like we have to wait for a bit longer as this is still not implemented completely. According to the source, as of now upon clicking the live user on the top (shown in screenshot), the app takes to a page of “popular live broadcasts,” which returned an error. Well, this only goes to say that it is still being tested by them and maybe we might have a glimpse of it soon.

Also, it has been reported that this feature was spotted while running the beta version of Instagram on Android. With that being said, at the time of launch maybe we will see this feature first on Android, but it is not confirmed yet, and these are just speculation. However, if this is something which you are waiting for, then we suggest you stay tuned for more details on the same.


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