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Galaxy Note7 Accessories include S View Standing Cover & Water Resistant Backpack



The South Korean giant, Samsung launched its most awaited handset of the year, the Galaxy Note7, on August 2. It’s only natural that now every Note enthusiasts must be waiting to get their hands on the device. Well, before you do that we would like to share with you the official accessories that Samsung has announced today for the Note7.

Below you can see the details about the newly announced Accessories for Galaxy Note7.

S View Standing Cover

Your Samsung Note has bigger and brighter screen than most of the flagship handset that was launched this year and you want to lay back and enjoy the movies on it. Well, you certainly wouldn’t like to use your hand for that prolong constant need. Before you start looking for standing covers for your Note7, you must take a look at this official S View Standing Cover.

The Light and portable cover make it quite easy to watch movies on-the-go without needing to use your hand or anything less steady as you stand. You don’t want to drop your brand new Note7, right! So, Samsung recommends you buy this standing cover instead. It can be used to prop up the new Galaxy Note at 60 degrees, which is the best angle for watching the videos.

A Better View

Moreover, it enables the device to take complete advantage of the powerful entertainment feature such as HDR technology, which allows for improved brightness and color accuracy. When used in landscape mode S View Standing Cover proves to be quite efficient and is ideal for film buffs and YouTube enthusiasts who enjoy watch video content on the Note7’s large display.

Talking about other features, the cover boasts a transparent front window, which allows users to access the Always On display even when the cover is closed. This S View Standing Cover in actual is an upgrade to the 2013 S View Cover which was introduced with Galaxy S4.

Water Resistant Backpack

Introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Backpack is company’s most demanded and resourceful accessory yet. We all play a lot of games on our flagship devices like Note7 or even S7, houses powerful specs. With a support of virtual reality and popularity of 2K video content, we use our devices more than ever for entertainment purpose. On top of all, the Augmented reality games like Pokemon Go has taken over the world. And Samsung users who like to engage in these activities would mean higher power consumption of the device.

Waterproof Backcover

That is why Samsung decided to extend the love to Note family as well despite the large 3500 mAh battery capacity on Note7. The backpack introduced for Note7 comes with a 3100 mAh capacity, which is now IP68 certified. Meaning, now your backpack is also strong dust and waterproof. The case has a support of wireless charging so that you don’t have to plugin to any ports for charging. It is a perfect blend of convenience and functionality.

Despite its large 3100 capacity, it won’t be bulky up the phone, as the design construction is made slim. As well as the case has an opening for rear camera as the user can continue to take pictures without any interference. Similarly, it doesn’t obstruct the bottom of the device so; users can still use their earphones. Additionally, the company has introduced two other accessories as well, which includes Wireless fast charger for cord-free charging and a battery pack that is equipped with the fast charging feature.

What else is there to cover?

Apart from the above mentioned accessories for new Note7, there are various cover-type accessories that are offered by the company for enhanced device protection while still adhering to the design aesthetics of the Galaxy series.

The Clear View Cover is one of the examples, which is made with translucent material allowing Note7’s Always On Display to be accessible all the times. Users can quickly answer the calls without the need to open the cover. Additionally, it’s reflective surface can be used as a mirror. Well, isn’t that resourceful.

Qwerty Cover

While talking about the LED View Cover, well, it has a stronger privacy guard as it conceals the phone screen from prying eyes. Whereas for those who loves the unique feeling of leather, well, they can go with Leather Cover. The company has claimed that it’s soft leather prevents damage to the display. There is one more Clear Cover, which is a transparent phone case and sports a design that works in harmony with the aesthetic of the Note7.

The Lens Cover is for the shutterbugs as it includes a wide-angle converter lens and a high-grade telephoto converter lens. There is a Keyboard Cover, which sports a QWERTY keyboard and also covers the backside of the device. It intelligently optimizes the screen ratio for a better experience.


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