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Apple iPhone 7 with 3GB RAM, Higher Clock Speed Processor Benchmarked



The Cupertino giant is all set to release its latest iteration of the iPhone in almost a month, and Apple fanboys can’t be more happier. But as the announcement date approaches the rumor mill will generate a lot of leaks. So, here is one for the fans. The latest iPhone was seen benchmarked at the popular benchmarking website, Geekbench.

The smartphone manufacturers tend to test their devices with benchmarks before they launch their handset in the market. It helps them analyze the potential of the device, quite helpful in finding out if the new iteration that they are working is better in performance or not. It’s pretty obvious that Apple or person testing the device might have used the service to find out the score.

As far as the chipset is concerned, we reported that the new Apple iPhones would be exclusively sporting TSMC manufactured processor, unlike last year where iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus saw chipsets made by Samsung and TSMC, which was the A9 Chipset. When it came into highlight that A10 would still be using the current generation process and dual core, as 10nm architecture is still not yet ready for mass production.

It was a legitimate concern that where Android smartphones are sporting ten cores, Apple is still using two cores. But that should be cleared as the latest leak suggest that A10 is indeed a faster chipset as the Geekbench scores of what could possibly the iPhone 7 surfaced online.

Apple iPhone Geekbench

Talking about the numbers, well, the single-core score for the new iPhone, is 3548 while it is 6430 for the multi-core. When we compared the scores with A9 powered iPhone 6s, the single-core score is 2490, and a multi-core score is 4341. Comparing the scores, it can be clearly stated that the new iPhone indeed is faster.

The more interesting part here is that the Geekbench listing showed iPhone sporting a 3GB of RAM. It would be quite surprising that Apple is upgrading the RAM on their iPhones, as the brand is known to take it slow when it comes to the RAM. Moreover, the clock speed is said to be increased at 2.37 GHz from 2.0 GHz. Overall, you can expect the new A10 chipset enabled iPhone to be faster regarding performance when compared with last year’s iteration. But we would still recommend you to take this information with a pinch of salt until the device is announced.


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