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Gaana Vs Wynk Music Vs Jio Music Vs Google Play Music – Which music streaming service is best for you?



As Music Streaming services are slowly becoming mainstream in India, apps like Gaana, Wynk Music & and the newbie Jio Music have become more popular by time. Back in the days, there were a lot of websites offering free downloads of the music library illegally, whereas now as more people are coming online (yes, Jio has a huge role), the rate of piracy has gone down, at least as far as music is concerned. In fact, these music streaming services are not charging a bomb and are fairly reasonable for the kind of service that they are offering.

Talking about Music streaming services in India, there are a lot of them available in the market and hence most people are confused as to which to go with. Also, now Google has launched it’s Google Play services here in India today. Hence we decided to put an end to this by comparing some of the most popular Music Streaming services in India. We will be comparing four music streaming services viz. Gaana, Wynk Music, Google Play Music & Jio Music head-to-head and see which is the best out of the three in terms of various different factors. But first, let’s briefly talk about what each of them has to offer for the price starting with Gaana.


Gaana is undoubtedly among the most popular music streaming services in India, the main reason for the same being competitive pricing and well-designed interface which packs useful features. Gaana offers a 14 day free trial of Gaana+, which is the premium ad-free service that they offer along with HD audio quality. However, you can also use Gaana for free by giving up on certain features like offline saving, etc. Having said that, you can also pay as low as 99 INR for the monthly subscription and take full advantage of what Gaana has to offer.

When compared to most other services, it is worth noting that Gaana’s music library is not the best one out there, but some features like social sharing where users can see what their friends are listening, etc. add to the overall user experience. The service is also available on many platforms in comparison to others which by itself is a huge win for Gaana.


key Features

  • Neat Interface
  • Offers a decent mix of Indian & International music

Drawbacks of Gaana

  • The Premium version i.e. Gaana+ does not have much value to go for since the free version is still good enough.
  • Music library can use a lot of improvement.

Wynk Music

The Airtel’s Wynk Music streaming service is again one of the most used services here in India. It is packed with features which people love to use and options such as free unlimited music streaming for Airtel customers is the primary reason behind Wynk’s success. But again talking about pricing, it is one of the most complicated aspects of Wynk since people on other networks have to pay a premium for streaming music, whereas Airtel customers can enjoy it for free. The fact that non-airtel users can stream only limited songs per month still keeps many people from trying out Wynk.

Talking about features, the apps home page is one of the best out there. If you have no idea of which music to listen, Wynk will properly guide to the right music by showing a ton of options as you open the app. This is something that most other services lack to this date. If you don’t guide your users properly, then they are not returning back, it is as simple as that and Wynk understands it better than anyone out there. Also, if you are into Indian music, then Wynk is your best bet. While the international library is not big but should be good enough for most people.

Key Features

  • Wide variety of song selection.
  • A very functional inerface to Guide you through.

Drawbacks of Wynk Music

  • Complicated pricing structure since non-airtel users have to pay a premium.
  • No sleep timer.
  • User experience on Desktop is not the best when compared to other.

Google Play Music

Previously Google entered the Indian market with its Music library from where users were allowed to purchase the songs to download and listen. Now after all this time, the company has finally decided to start offering their streaming services with the Google Play Music all access. Although it is late to the party here, but they do know how to enter a market and now currently they are the cheapest one out there, offering their services for as low as 89 INR per month. This price is significantly lower than what others are offering.

Additionally, Google is throwing in a free cloud storage with a Play Music All Access subscription, which is yet another added bonus. However, talking about the song selection and variety of songs, it doesn’t look like anyone would have any issues since we will get access to the entire music library of Google. Hence users will get a mixed variety of songs on the go.

Key Features

  • Cheapest offering out there in comparison to others.
  • Free cloud storage with a Play Music All Access subscription.

Drawbacks of Google Play Music

  • Trial Period is only of 30 days which is lesser in comparison to Apple Music which gives 3 months of trail music.
  • Lack of Podcast feature unlike U.S. and Canada.

Jio Music

Formerly known as ‘Jio Beats’ the Jio Music app is one of the fastest growing music streaming service in India. While the free Jio Welcome offer has a lot to do with the success of the Jio Music, however, allowing users to download unlimited free music, etc. are few of the points worth mentioning behind the success. Jio Music is also filled with features which you would often find on other streaming services as well. Jio Music has Radio, support for over 20 regional Indian languages, etc. which makes a sweet deal since you are anyway getting to use all this for free until December 2017.

However talking about the bigger picture, no one knows what it will be like using Jio Music after a couple of months since it is still too early to judge based on the current usage. However, if Jio continues to offer the services just like they are doing now, then there is no doubt that Jio Music is going to give a hard time for other music streaming services at least for the nxt couple of months.

Key Features

  • Free Unlimited music downloads.
  • Support for over 20 regional languages in India.

Drawbacks of Jio Music

  • As of now, the only drawback seems to be the fact that only users on Jio 4G network can use this service.

Now that we have a good idea about each of these streaming services, let’s quickly round up all the key facts about each of them, so that you can understand them easily and make a decision for yourself.

Free ServicePriceOffline PlaybackPlatforms AvailableBitrate
GaanaUnlimited Music,
Streaming with ads and No Downloads
Rs. 99/ month,
Rs. 297/ 3 months,
Rs. 549/ 6 months,
Rs. 999/ 1 Year
YesWeb, Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry128 kbps streaming & 320 kbps Downloads
Wynk MusicNo Ads,
Streaming limited to 100 songs per month for non-Airtel users
Android: Unlimited Downloads @ Rs. 99/ month,
iOS: Unlimited Downloads @ Rs. 120/ month,
Songs/ album purchase starting @ Rs. 5 per song
YesWeb, iOS, Andorid320 kbps
Google Play MusicUnlimited Music StreamingRs. 89/ monthYesWeb, iOS, Android320 kbps
Jio MusicNo Ads, Unlimited Music Streaming, Post all the offers Rs, 1250 for Jio Apps which includes Jio Music as wellYesAndroid, iOS320 kbps

Now that you have a btter idea of what each one of them are offering, we would like to know which woudl you be interested in using or which one are you currently using and what do you like about it? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below and also be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more comparisons like this.


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