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Fitbit plans to enter smartwatch category with a stylish fitness centric wearable



Fitbit is a popular name when it comes to fitness tracking devices. They have already launched some of the best devices like the Fitbit Blaze, Charge 2, etc. While the company has a decent amount of market share in the fitness tracking category, the company is now planning to make it big into the smartwatch category as well. The company has not really launched any smartwatches till now, and the closest thing which looks like one is the Fitbit Blaze. Although the Blaze has really fitness tracking capabilities, you can’t use it as a smartwatch.

If you have been following the news lately, then you already know that Fitbit acquired Pebble as well Vector recently. Both the companies specializes in smartwatch category with Pebble being more functional brand whereas Vector is known for its luxury smartwatch offerings. With both these brands in the back-pocket, Fitbit is amongst the strongest players in this category, and once they come up with a smartwatch, you can bet your money on it. However, the company didn’t really give out any plans for a smartwatch until yesterday when the company’s CEO confirmed that they intend to expand into the smartwatch category.

Talking about the smartwatch category, the market is already quite saturated with a ton of offerings from Apple, Moto, Samsung, Huawei, etc. Hence stepping into the smartwatch category is more like entering a battleground full of warriors waiting to dismiss you. However, Fitbit is also like a trained veteran here with huge support from Pebble & Vector. Fitbit’s fitness expertise along with Pebble functional aspect and Vector design language could give birth to something which can indeed be termed as an ultimate smartwatch.

Fitbit’s CEO James Park is also quite confident about the fact that a stylish and well-designed device, which will offer both general purpose function with a focus on health and fitness just like their fitness wearable does. And not just that, previously we also heard rumors about the company planning to launch a standalone app store this year. Keeping all these things in mind, it certainly does look like we are in for a treat from Fitbit sooner or later. With that said, we hope that we get to see something from them quite soon as the smartwatch market seems like it is dead already.

On the other hand, if you are waiting for a smartwatch running typical Android Wear, then you might want to keep an eye on LG‘s offering which is expected to arrive by MWC this year. It looks the company will be launching two new smartwatches out of which one will have a rugged design and the other will carry an eye-candy design. While we don’t have much info about them, we do have some photos to show how they will look. If you are interested to know more about Fitbit’s upcoming ambitious smartwatch, then be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on the same.


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