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‘Finder for AirPods’ app that can track your missing AirPod has been removed from the App Store



Apple’s AirPods are really amazing considering the features and functions that it offers for its size. They truly went wireless with them as each ear bud is completely wireless and independent from the other one. While it is a great piece of gadget to own, it comes with the risk of losing them since they are very small and lightweight. Also not to forget about the fact that the AirPod’s design did not always fit everyone’s ears well. Hence the chances of losing either both of them or at least one of them were extremely high, and as a matter of fact, people are already losing them.

Similarly, an iOS developer who became a victim of losing an Airpod decided to do something about it and makes things a little easier. He developed a new app called “Finder for AirPods” that measures Bluetooth signal strength from a lost AirPod to guide the user to help find it. So thoughtful right? When you take a look at the app itself, you will find that the interface is very similar to that using the Bluetooth tracker tile. This app also uses an arc to assist the owner to find the lost airpod. When you begin the process, you will be prompted to choose the Airpod which is missing, and from there the chase begins.

According to the source, upon testing, they found out that the app was not all that good news. There are some shortcomings. For instance, if you are in a multi-storey building, then finding an Airpod becomes difficult as the signal could be from another floor and you might be on some other floor. Also, the signal seems to fluctuate too easily which makes it extremely difficult to move around. However, on the bright side, the app at least makes it quite easy to find since you can just skip the location where the signals completely die and move to other directions.

Another important thing to note here is the fact that if the battery of the missing airpod is completely dead, users will be out of luck when trying to use Finder for AirPods. Well, hold on, you don’t have to worry about anything now since the app is not available anymore on the App store. Yes, the $3.99 has now been removed from the App Store by Apple. According to the developer of the app, Apple did not like the idea people finding their lost Airpod and hence it was marked as “not appropriate for the App Store.” However, till now Apple has not confirmed the reason as to why the app was removed. Well, maybe Apple just wants you to pay them and get the replacement unit, rather than finding it back. And for all the people who purchased the App, the developer suggests you ask for a refund via iTunes. With that said, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for details on this.


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