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Microsoft Is Said To Be Working On An iPad Touch Cover



Microsoft and Apple are somewhat considered to be rivals as both the companies are battling it out in the market with their own range of laptops and tablets like the MacBooks, iPads, Surface Books and Surface Pros, etc. However, we now have some new reports which claim that Microsoft is working on an iPad Touch cover. The same has been through a PDF document which the company has uploaded online.

It has been reported that the software giant has listed a mysterious new PDF document named as “iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719).” The same was spotted in a download page by the source and this document appears to be a related to Lithium batteries. The source says that these documents were initially posted back in the month of April and it also includes other examples like Microsoft’s HoloLens, Band, and Surface devices.

However, apart from this, there is no other info about this particular iPad Touch cover. Hence it is now being speculated that this particular product could have been scrapped off at some point in time. But who knows, we might see it at some point in the future as well, but as of now, this is the only piece of evidence we have on it. Now, talking about the cover itself, it isn’t anything like ordinary covers that are available out there in the market.

The documents reveal that it has a battery and hence it is safe to say that it is likely to connect to an iPad via Bluetooth connection. This means that it can likely be detached from the device and still be useful. Also, the name i.e. iPad Touch cover sounds very similar to the old Surface Touch Cover which was launched earlier. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a 3mm thick, pressure sensitive technology to function like a full fledged multi touch keyboard.

As mentioned earlier, there is not a lot of info available about it as of now and hence it is hard to judge what it could be and how useful it will be over the course of usage. Having said that, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below, letting us know your thoughts on the same.

Via – WinFuture


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