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Best Earphones & Headphones to Buy that work with Lightning Port for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus



With the drop of 3.5mm Headphone jack from the latest iPhones, i.e., the iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus, the only way you can connect your headphones/earphones is through the lightning port. So for that, obviously you need an earphone/ headphone with a lightning cable. Since it is something very new to the market, and not many have any experience with it, we have picked up 5 of the best headphones/ earphones that you can buy right now in the market which will be compatible with your new iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus.

When it comes to buying something new like this which is being implemented for the first time in the market, you should be very careful in choosing which one to go for. Most of the ones available in the market are a rip-off of the original ones that retails for very less price. And when you are investing a huge chunk of money for your iPhones, then it only makes sense to purchase the best headphones/earphones to get a good quality music out of it. Here’s the list –

Philips Fidelio M2L

(Check Price in USA)

Philips Fidelio M2LPhilips was one of the first players in the market to come up with Lightning headphones. The company launched the ML2 headphones and even today, it stands as one of the best ones you can buy for the price. This guy retails for $200 at Amazon. And as mentioned, it is one of the best out there, if not the only best option.

These are on-ear headphones and offers adjustable headbands & soft earcups which are nice and padded. It gives comfortable listening experience to the users. Also, all the controls are placed on the right earcup with a small dial for adjusting the volume and a button for you can use to tap accordingly to play/pause, etc. When it comes to quality, they sound pretty good. But there is definitely some room for improvement. The M2L includes a high-res (24-bit) DAC for playing the digital signal that comes through the Lightning connector. Overall, they are a good value for money headphones which you can buy for the price.

Audeze SINE

(Check Price in USA)

Audeze SINEThese are on the expensive side. So if you are looking for some of the best ones in the market and you don’t mind spending some serious money on them, then this is the one to look out for. Audeze SINE stands out in more than one way. Well, the standard version with 3.5mm jack retails for comparatively less price, but hey, we are talking about the lightning variant here so definitely no compromise here whatsoever. This one comes with a special ‘Cipher’ cable with lightning connector, DAC, amplifier, and microphone built into it as well.

They have neat design as well. Audeze claims that these are “the world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphones”. This technology is only used in a handful of high-end audiophile headphones. It sounds perfect, and anyone can get adjusted to this one easily.

JBL Reflect Aware

(Check Price in USA)

JBL Reflect AwareIf you are in the market for a nice pair of earphones with a lightning connector, then look no further. These are designed for a much active and sporting use. They are sweat-proof and water-resistant so that, you don’t end up wetting your earphones during an intense workout. They are sturdy and tangle-free as well.

They do have a lightning connector and also built-in DAC that handles the digital audio signal from the iPhone. The audio quality is really good here, and they have plenty of detail on the mid and higher frequencies. Long story short, you will not be disappointed with this one.


Brightech In-Ear Headphones

(Check Price in USA)

Brightech In-Ear HeadphonesThese offers great quality user experience. It provides a great quality 24-bit digital audio, and it is integrated with Wide frequency responses. The lightning cable is suitable for all the iOS devices including the newest iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus.

They have a simple bullet designed earbuds, and they have a volume and playback control. The included button in the middle can also launch Apple Music or any other custom service that you are using.  They also come with the bright color, which will match the active lifestyle that you follow. The earphones also comes with the inline microphones and have buttons, so that you can access the controls from there. They sound nice, and you are definitely not wrong with this one for the price.


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