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Duracell Power Bank – Quality & Trust Power Packed



In this era of gadgets and smartphones popping out everywhere, it is certainly important to power them up quite often. The rapid increase in usage of the gadgets every now and then, the significance of keeping them alive can only be managed by a decent power bank. Duracell, the company which usually manufactures alkaline batteries – A, AA, and AAA batteries have now forayed into the power bank market. This battery segment for which the company is already familiar for – has launched three new portable power banks with 3350mAh, 6700mAh and 10050mAh capacities. We have with us the larger 10050mAh Lithium Ion power bank for testing. Can this satisfy the users’ power-hungry gadgets including smartphones? Let’s dig in.

The new Duracell power bank boasts a standard aluminum body design and it also features a Duracell’s typical two-tone color which resembles its conventional AA battery. Duracell also claims the aluminum casing is also flame retardant as well. As for the dimensions, it comes in 8 x 2.5 x 9.2 cm and weighs around 204g. The overall design appears to be quite handy and portable and can be carried around easily in your pockets. Additionally, the power bank features a 4 LED light indicator that showcases battery status levels.

As stated earlier, the power bank has a 10050mAh battery capacity and features two USB-A outputs and a micro USB port. It comes with dual charge technology with which you can charge the power bank and an external USB-powered device simultaneously. With the built-in 36.5Whr battery, the power bank’s dual USB-A ports provide a combined output of 5V at 2.4A. The input charge also supports 2x fast charge with its 2.4A input. The company claims that the battery is capable of providing up to 5 charges for an iPhone 7, which boasts a 1960mAh battery. As soon as a USB device is connected to the power bank, it automatically switches on and switches off when the device is removed.

Safety features
Duracell also provides a bunch of safety features that include overvoltage, dual safety circuits, output overload, over temperature protection and also overcharge or discharge at the cell level and more.


While there are many who offer twice the capacity at a cheaper price than Duracell’s 10050mAh capacity, Duracell being a quality premium powerbank is priced accordingly. It is priced at Rs 1,999 on Amazon but if you look at the brand and the trust consumers have over the last few decades, this is definitely one of the best products you should consider. In fact, the fun fact is that Duracell was founded in 1924 which means this is almost a century old trusted company & If you are an avid traveler and always on the phone and looking for a portable power bank to juice it up constantly then this Duracell would be an ideal choice.


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