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Download Samsung Game Launcher and Game Tools on Galaxy Note 5 & S6



Samsung is trying to improve the gaming experience on their smartphones. The company introduced a new application called the Game Launcher and Game Tools. These were introduced along with the launch of the Galaxy S7 & the Galaxy S7 Edge. Both the applications are essentially are feature focused applications, that enhance the gaming experience.

Talking about the applications, the Game launcher makes it easy for users to find the games installed on their devices. It basically searches all the games installed on one’s device and shows them in one place. This allows users to just open the Game launcher application and don’t have to worry about searching through the device.

The Game Tools add various functionalities like gameplay video recording, locking the capacitive touch keys so that they do not interfere with the gaming experience. This is one of the biggest issues that users might face while playing a game. The application also blocks all the notification alerts in order to allow users to play without any interference. Note that these features never made it to previous Samsung flagships with the Android 6.0 update.

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Now this application is made available for users to download from the Galaxy Apps store by the company for devices like Galaxy S6 lineup and the Galaxy Note 5. Note that Game tools will be automatically downloaded once you open the Game launcher application. It will be downloaded when you run the game launcher application for the first time and will also need a restart since it runs on a system level.

Note that the application runs similarly on both the devices. There is no difference here. As mentioned earlier, Samsung has been trying hard to enhance the gaming experience on its devices and now finally it is good to see that the company is taking steps to make sure things are working out here. It is also reported that game launcher application will be getting a major update which will add new features like manual game sorting, and it will allow gameplay videos to social media easily. Stay tuned to our APK page for more info and change logs for the same.


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