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Poke Radar App helps you find Pokemons – Download APK



Pokemon Go is probably the most successful game of this year. The game literally made $200 Million in first month. It broke all the existing records for any of the game that launched this year. With that being said, we have yet another application which has got equal attention more or less. Initially, there were reports, stating the the tracker is not working properly, hence an application called Poké Radar was launched.

Poke Radar is in fact the second most downloaded free app in the App Store. The application was launched on July 14th and it soon became popular due to the very own reason that it could help players find Pokémon around them. In simple terms, it makes playing Pokémon Go easy, so this should be enough reason to download the app.

So essentially how this works is, if someone nearby has found a pokemon then it wil be tagged in the application and others will get to know if they pass by. Using this application is extremely simple. Fire up the application and you can view all the nearby Pokemon in your area, found by others. There’s nothing more to it. So if you find playing the Pokemon Go game difficult, then this might be right application for you.

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Also if you still don’t know what Pokemon Go is, which is very unlikely, but Pokemon Go is an AR based game which uses your smartphone’s camera, GPS, etc. and shows the Pokemon in real time. It is developed by Niantic and has become very popular. You check out our tips and tricks to play this game better. It is not officially launched here in India yet, but you can still download the APK and play it before it launches here. And since, it is not working in many regions in the country, the Poke Radar might be of some use here. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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