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MOOV Wearable Fitness Band

There may be too many wearables present in the market right now, but you are still searching for a perfect pick. Well, this wearable fitness band may not have tons of features, but it be a perfect combination of a fitness tracker and a coach to guide you in achieving maximum effectiveness.
We are talking about the MOOV, which isn’t like most of the wearables available in the market right now. As it does more than just counting your steps taken or calories burned.

MOOV Wearable Fitness Band

The MOOV fitness band employs some precision sensors that can analyze your movements. As well as it can identify what it is that you are doing wrong. Meaning, the fitness band can analyze the movements and suggests you what needs to be changed based on the behavioral analysis.

It is this dynamic feature that makes MOOV more resourceful as a fitness coach when compared to other fitness trackers in the market right now. And if you have taken up running as your daily exercising activity, then this fitness band will provide you with feedback, like how you can increase or decrease your speeds at the right time, which will then let you get the maximum benefit from your activities.

The device would be ultimately able to correct your form so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. To be more specific, company has different apps available for different fitness activities like cardio, boxing, as well as swimming. And more are in the pipeline to be released in the future.

The MOOV wearable fitness coach is compatible with Apple devices running on iOS 7.1 and above while the fitness band is also compatible with Android devices running on 4.3 Jelly Bean and above. To further note that, these devices must have Bluetooth 4.0 with LE (low energy) to be fully compatible with the band.

Now if you are interested in getting this device, we have a killer deal for you. All thanks to the Android Advices deals, where you can get the MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach for $69, which is a better deal when compared to Amazon’s $88.94 pricing, while the retail value of the device is $119.

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