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How To Configure S Pen Settings on Galaxy Note 5



Samsung has made its S Pen a lot resourceful this time around, although, configuring might be a rocket science for many users. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. We have explained briefly on how you can configure the S Pen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

First you need to open the Settings area, and head over to Open the settings. Now click on S Pen in the Quick Settings section. If you don’t find S Pen in quick settings, you can open it from the Device section in the settings app.

Air command

Air command features can be used by pressing the Pen Button by hovering your S Pen over any area on the Screen. It will show the useful features of the Pen.

  • Shortcuts : Air command comes with Action Memo, Smart Select and Screen write. You can also add three more shortcut apps in the window by tapping on the shortcuts and selecting the apps or else you can add directly by tapping the plus button in the Air Command window.
  • Floating icon : You can minimize the air command menu into a floating icon that can be moved anywhere on the screen.
  • Detach S Pen to enable : If you enable this on your device, whenever you detach the S Pen from your device, Air command window will automatically appear on screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen 6


If you enable this on your device, then you will see a pointer on your screen whenever you hover your pen on the device. The pointer may be solid or else striped depends on the region on which you place on the device.

Screen Off memo

If you enable this option on your device, You can create Action memos by detaching the S Pen while your screen is Off.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen 8

More S Pen Features

  • S Pen Alerts : Set your device to sound an alert and show a pop-up when you walk away with your device without attaching the S Pen. This Function only works when the screen is off. It also shows the Last detached time below this when your S Pen is attached to your device.
  • S Pen Power Saver : When you enable the S Pen power saver on your device, It will save the battery power by disabling detection of the S Pen while it is attached to your device.
  • S Pen Sound : When you enable this option on your device, you will get the sound while you are taking the notes on your device.
  • S Pen Vibrate : If you enable this on your device, whenever you attach or detach the S Pen, your device will vibrate.

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