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How to change Watch Faces on LG G Watch or any Android Wear Smartwatch



LG G Watch - Watch Face

LG G Watch - Watch Face

Since, the inception of Android the customization has been an integral part of this open source operating system, giving users the simplest of abilities to easily customize almost every aspect of the system, which makes Android stand out from its competition in market. With Android Wear coming into active mode during its summer launch with the first smartwatch named LG G Watch, which started its first sale right after the Google I/O keynote in June this year.

Still a new platform, Android Wear is far away from the level of customization that can be done on Android platform. And with Google implementing the ruling of no vendor customization, the consumers of this new wearable platform only offers few customizations and one of which are the watch faces. Let us show you how to change the watch face on your Android Wear Smartwatch (We used LG G watch to explain the following steps).

Method 1:

While you are seeing the watch face, you just need to tap anywhere on the display, which will open up the Google Now, and then you will see the list of actions when you perform scrolling on your watch. Find settings options at the very end of the list. The settings area lets you do all sorts of things, which include changing the screen brightness, resetting device, or switching on the airplane mode. However, we are only interested in changing the watch face. Or simply, go to the settings area by using the voice controls.

  • Awaken the display, first say the hotword “Ok Google”, and then say “Settings”.

LG G Watch - Watch Face (1)

  • Select the change “Watch Face” option.

LG G Watch - Watch Face (2)

  • Then, you will be redirected to a new section that shows various watch faces in a card-style interface.

LG G Watch - Watch Face (3)

  • To see a preview, you can just swipe either to the left or to the right.
  • Tapping on the current previewing watch face will set it as the active one. Select your choice now.

Method 2:

Though, we know a much simpler and more convenient way to change the face of the watch.

  • For that, all you have to do is give a long-tap on the watch face, which will get you quick access to the watch faces section.
  • Now from there, it is easy to set a new watch face, you can just swipe through the available faces and set your favorite one as active.

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