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Bluetooth 5.1 Enhanced with New Direction Finding Feature



Well, we have been using Bluetooth from many years now with numerous devices like phones, laptops, speakers, audio players, gaming console, headsets, smartwatches, earphones and many other. Bluetooth is useful to transfer information between any two devices which are nearby each other in low-bandwidth like a headset, to take a call from the smartphone or listen to music or even on a smartwatch. Now, Bluetooth Special Interest Group has revealed a feature of Bluetooth 5.1 devices.

The handsets with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 will be able to determine the direction in which a device is moving and find it with pinpoint accuracy. There are many wireless technologies which are used to determine the location of a device based on the signal strength and also the response time. It is also used to determine the proximity between two different points or even find the position of a device.

Locating a device which is a few feet is already done in today’s generation but now the evolution of the chips and technology, with Bluetooth 5.1 the users can find items that are connected within inches of the exact location. This will be most useful for the users who keep losing their keys, remotes or any other things and there are many trackers in the markets that help in finding the lost items in the house.

This new Bluetooth 5.1 is hyper accurate and will be mostly used for proximity detection. The Bluetooth SIG shows a concept for an art museum which shares information about the paintings using proximity detection. It is also assumed that Bluetooth 5.1 will be used for gathering on foot traffic through buildings and venues utilizing its accuracy. Have you been using Bluetooth devices regularly? Which one is it? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news and updates.



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