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This Backpack Comes with Qi Wireless Charging Side Pocket



Targus is a US-based manufacturer which manufactures a range of backpacks, briefcases, attache cases, Notebook computers and few other products has now come up with a new backpack with built-in battery along with a Qi wireless charging cradle in one of its side pockets. This Mobile + VIP backpack can hold the mobile phone of the users even as they move around the city or while driving and the phone keeps getting charged.

The cradle in the pocket of the backpack is connected internally to a standard USB cable which can be replaced with a big battery if the user wants to. Furthermore, there is also a second side pocket, which blocks RFID signals and protects it from hackers who could hack the keycard of the user to the mainframe. The bag also comes with usual looks which can be used for traveling and mostly targeted toward the people who love to travel.

The bag-pack has a waterproof liner in the bottom pockets which can be collapsed to add more space when required. Moreover, there is also a sternum strap on the bag and this Mobile VIP + bag will be going for sale starting from April for $199. Are you a traveler? Have been looking for some backpack like this? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news and similar updates.



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