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Blackberry planning to make a Bacteria-free device for Hospitals




Of all the brands, if there is one talking about some special devices that they never worked on before, it is Blackberry in the recent times. Why? first, the company’s CEO John Chen said they will consider using Android OS for their smartphones, only if they could make the device secure enough for the users. Security has been a priority for Blackberry. And now, the company is looking to design a bacteria-free smartphone, for the usage in hospitals.

While talking at Canada’s Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital where Blackberry announced a pilot project about portable messaging and alert system, John Chen said that “Health-care workers have to be worried about one less thing to wipe down,” if they are given a bacteria-free device.

It is a very much known fact that smartphones are one of the most dirty things we use in our daily life, and there are several types of bacteria residing on the surface of the phone. They can carry and cause infections, and the healthcare workers cannot always wipe the phones during procedures, thus the risk of infection spread is higher in hospitals.

Aviv Gladman, chief medical information officer at Mackenzie Hospital, said that the hospital-acquired infections are one of the top reasons patients die in hospital, and about 20-30% of germs transfer between a phone and a fingertip.

The partnership is between Blackberry, ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems to make a smartphone where Blackberry will be providing software and devices. The portal messaging and alert system will be made by the three companies together, though there is no information about the investment by each. Blackberry will claim to have one of the most secure mobile solutions for hospital nurses and doctors, with a secure software and a bacteria-free device, if it succeeds to make one.


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