Blackberry Classic with 3.5-inch HD Display, Full QWERTY keyboard Launched for $449

by Chetan Bhawani 8

Blackberry Classic

“The smartphone you trust, with the power you couldn’t imagine.” Blackberry chose today for a smartphone that has the stuff for yesterday. In an age where the big three (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) are booming with excellent devices, Blackberry chose the other way expecting buyers for the Blackberry Classic, which although isn’t going to be as smart as the competition, it will have all the functions that make it smart. And with the addition of a full QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry is offering a solution for users who wanted a physical keyboard, not limiting the device to touch use.

Talking of specs, the smartphone comes with a 3.5-inch square display with 720 x 720 pixels resolution, and below it is a full physical QWERTY keyboard. It is a physical backlit keyboard with 35 keys and these are larger and have bigger navigation keys for better usage. The Classic has a Dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor clocking at 1.5 GHz, along with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, with the storage expansion possible to 128GB with MicroSD card.

The device has a 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording, while on the front there is a 2-megapixel camera, which is capable of recording 720p videos. The OS running in the Blackberry Classic is the Blackberry 10.3.1 with the updated icons and the latest addition of features as well as the instant action bar. There is a 2515 mAh non-removable battery packed in, and according to the company, it will be enough to provide about 22 hours of regular usage.

Apart from the Blackberry Store for the apps, there is an Amazon appstore as well so that you can download apps from Amazon directly. The phone was available on pre-order and the pricing in U.S., Canada, UK, France/Germany respectively is US$449 / CA$499 / 349 GBP / 429 Euros.

Although the smartphone will be available locally through the carrier stores, Blackberry states that the availability will not be limited to that, and the unlocked Classic will be available on the Blackberry and Amazon online stores.

Chetan Bhawani

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  • Shanky Yadav

    I am really impressed by blacberry having a nnew of mind on smartphones proving and taking back the classic and lost QWERTY keypad phones back from the darknes towards the light future . the material they provide is one of those things which cant be neglect.. This classic is have all those things which a person needs in their smartphone and boom the specs are ultimate to this …

    • Android

      yeah but if you compare the phone the phone with a low budjet android phoe they look the same on paper. Honestly they really have to offer much more if they want to come up the smartphone ladder. The qwerty keyboard rright now is the only advantage and that is the only reason why i would buy a blackberry!!

      • Shanky Yadav

        Yup you may be right but except India, other countries people have one blackberry in their pocket always so its a boom to them

  • Shashank Chourey

    There’s a lot of criticism of this device. But people should understand that this device is not to compete with the iPhone’s or the Android Flagships, for that matter. For those of us who want a phone explicit for work purposes (phone, email, text, BBM, calendar, etc), this is a fantastic phone. Those that rely upon a business tool, with unrivaled security, superior call quality, BB10 OS and BES12 are what you need. The phone is indeed highly priced at $449. BB should reconsider their pricing. For the business community it’s a fantastic phone.. for those who love the feel of old physical keyboard, one hand operation, and minimal distraction.

  • Ive never had problems with phones that focus on a single aspect an do it really well. I have always had an indifference to the Blackberry line simply because of its no games no gimmicks approach. Its a single minded experience that excels in business and networking. There is nothing wrong with that as there is a wide audience that will find use to the classic. But personally to me the screen the physical keyboard the price its all too cumbersome to invest in. And there is always the factor of superior flagships can do its job just as good- even better for better value when it comes to appropriate pricing. So in that way it can be compared to other flagships but other than that the Classic is on a race of its own.

  • Android

    Wow so this is Blackberry’s answer to their smartphone crisis. Honestly in terms of me i like this device from the front but when i look at it from the back it looks very old fashioned. From the back it looks like a low budjet android phone and i am just not liking it!! BB is more focused on the business sector and i think they are delivering that market but companies liek Apple are delivering the demand and offering much more on top of that. I do not see BB going anywhere for a long time if they continue offereing the same type of phones and i think it needs a total makeover. To me the only advantage in owning a bb is the physical keyboard. The Os doesnt seem userfriendly and the materials they are using also dont look too aspiring. This phone is in its category of its own. I am sorry but i doubt this device is going to be popular….

  • thebrain

    When you buy a Blackberry is for business and……. business. I fully agree with the return of Blackberry fundamentals, and what made their popularity in companies and also to their fans. I find the classic simple and clean, and from my point of view, this is a very good smartphone, although the specs who we are, they seem older than 3 years, for the main purpose we going to do it is very ample, especially as the Blackberry OS does not need much power to be fluid and have a good batterie life . The price could be daunting one, but personally, I find that Classic very good. It would be an excellent complement to Note 4 😉

  • This is the classic thing which I thing is a boom for Blackberry as they donot complete they just try to provide the smartphone which suits the personality and also their smartphones are meantnfir messenging, its app called BBM is still used because it was the first to provide all those features which now we able to see in other apps like Whatsapp, wechat etc so this smartphone is going to have a space in the market .