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Bihar Police gets 1390 Smartphones to Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter



Bihar is a well-known state in India for a few not so good reasons, especially when many are involved in corruption, gangsters and illegal activities. But, with the advancement of the technology and enlightenment given by the social activists, the state is now observing well-monitored system. Now, in addition to this, the police officials of Bihar are likely to receive smartphones for better state-level coordination and also to monitor the social media like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

Previously, we have seen the arrest of two girls who shared their view on Bal Thackeray. Apart from this, there are few other cases where the people got arrested upon misusing the social media. So, from now on, the Bihar people should be very careful as State Police Headquarters took a decision to provide smartphones ranging from SHO (Station House Officers) to DGP.

Overall 1,390 smartphones have been purchased so far out of which 940 phones will be handed over to SHO’s of the state and remaining to the other senior officers. An overall budget of Rs. 2.08 crore was sanctioned and each handset is worth Rs. 15,000.

The main idea for providing the smartphones is for the coordination among the police officers for batter communication and for sharing information like sending documents, photos etc. As of now, all of them were using wireless radios and mobile handsets. Now with the latest smartphones in hand, police officers may work quite efficiently and this may become nightmare to those who misuse and share the illegal information on Whatspp, Facebook and Twitter.

We all know that, already some of the police officials are using smartphones all over India and some of them were on Twitter too handling the requests from the public. And now, Bihar police should download Whatsapp, Facebook and should get on Twitter for better communication and to reach the public.

Now, the Bihar Police can form groups in Whatsapp and can communicate, share the information easily and quickly. The public can also get in touch with the police for resolving their issues. Among everything, the coordination among police will get stronger and social-media monitoring will get even easier for them. Inspector General (Provisions) stated that with the distribution of the phones, the police can communicate from police station level to state level.

As the idea of providing smartphones to the state police is good, the same should be followed by other states in India too so that safety and security can be managed easily. Also, the police can have inter-state communication with which they can fasten the investigation processes which are connected to different states. We already had seen the news on Bengaluru city police accepting complaints via WhatsApp.

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