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AT&T testing 5G network with speeds upto 5Gbps in Austin, Texas



5G Network Speeds

While most of the countries have just started offering the 4G speeds from their respective networks, the U.S is well ahead as most of its networks have already begun testing the 5G networks. Verizon has been testing its 5G network for a while now and already has seen the speeds of around 1.8Gbps on their network when tested in their headquarters at Basking Ridge, NJ. Now, AT&T has revealed its plans of 5G field tests by the end of this year and are expecting to hit the speed of 5Gbps on their 5G network.

AT&T’s assistant VP of radio technology and architecture, Dave Wolter, at the Big Communications Event (BCE) 2016 in Austin, Texas mentioned that it would be “multi-gigabit.” Going by the statement, we can expect the mobile carrier to offer incredibly fast speeds of around 5Gbps+. Apart from the indoor lab tests,  AT&T will soon start field tests in Austin, Texas before the end of this year and will be using pre-standard equipment till 2017. In its first phase, the carrier will do their tests with 15GHz equipment followed by 28GHz equipment later this year.

The industry standards did not yet approve the 5G network, but this has not stopped the U.S. carriers to start their preliminary tests. Verizon and AT&T have already begun their tests and have recorded great speeds. The other big networks like Sprint and T-Mobile are also expected to reveal its plans for the next high-speed network anytime soon. Some of the expectations of 5G include multi-gigabit speeds, higher connectivity and much more.

India is way behind when it comes to network upgradations as most of the networks in the country haven’t rolled out the 4G connectivity in most of the states. While 4G network is still slowly rolling out in the nation, we cannot expect the high-speed 5G connectivity before 2019. On the other side, the U.S is way ahead, and we can expect one of its networks to offer 5G network by 2017 if industry standards approve it. Earlier had we reported that the Reliance Jio services would be rolling out in April, that were later announced that there were delays & would be publicly launched later. The network has already been rolling out offers like free 3oGB of data under festive offers along with the very highly competitive prepaid & postpaid jio plans.

The most important developments in this area is the Jio CDMA Plan that offers 10Gb of data at just Rs 93 for both prepaid & postpaid users. There has also been an amazing development from the phone manufacturers who have been launching 4G Smartphones in India. We hope these high speed 5G services would soon roll out all over the world to make communication easier, especially bringing the video calls facility to the masses.


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