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Atlas Wristband that Tracks Your Workouts up for Pre-order at $249 – Details



Atlas Wristband

Well, you have heard about the fitness bands being able to track the steps, calorie count, or even heart rate. But you may not have heard about the device that can even recognize the fitness moves during a workout.

A small company goes by name Atlas Wearables aims to disrupt the fitness wearables market with their new product named after company, the Atlas, which is poised to go head-to-head with industry leaders like Nike+ Fuelband, Jawbone UP and the Fitbit trackers.

Atlas Wristband

Earlier this year company launched their Indiegogo campaign, which exceeded its goal and aimed to ship their products in late December this year. With company’s goal to empower the fitness enthusiast, it looks like the device could have a lot more useful applications.

The Atlas will track steps, and calories like all the wristbands, but it will also recognize and record the fitness moves during a workout. It will be able to tell when users are doing traditional moves like push-ups and squats, or may be more unorthodox favorites like rope climbs and tire flips.

Company also touts that their device would be completely waterproof. The design features a 128x 64 pixel white PM OLED touch screen display, On/OFF button, microUSB connector, and the heart rate sensor. It is powered by two 32bit ARM M4 processors, which is powered by a 120mAh battery. It is equipped with several other sensors like 3-Axis accelerometer and 3-Axis Gyroscope. It establishes a connection with support of Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).

The combination of an extensive exercise motion database with advanced machine learning algorithms to identify your exercises and activities, it is the one of its kind wristband. Though, the interesting part is that it also calculates the reps you performed every set. Meaning you can easily track your progress over the companion mobile app.

That’s not it; the device can also display the weight you are lifting while wearing it on your wrist. It allows super easy weight input, which means that it can easily track the resistance exercises without you having to pull out your phone constantly. The device is available at a price tag of $249; you can pre-order it now, as the company claims that the device will be shipping to the consumers next year in the summer.

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