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Microsoft Band Launched with Fitness Tracker, Microsoft Health, priced at $199.99



Microsoft Smartband

After the several leaks about the certifications and design speculations around it, the Microsoft Band is officially announced with the Microsoft Health, aimed at the fitness tracking of individuals, by taking into account the steps walked, heart rate, calorie burn and sleep quality. Though, the Microsoft Band is a little more than fitness tracking, as the user can get previews of email, calendar alerts, etc. on the band screen.

Microsoft Band

As the leaks claimed, the Microsoft Band is going to work with all the three major smartphone operating system versions – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And with the Microsoft Health, it is not limited to tracking the stats but to review the stats and then guides you to do better and do much more, by learning about your fitness levels and future needs based on the goals.

Some of the features of Microsoft Band include:

  • Guided workouts: Choice of expert designed workouts
  • 24-hour heart rate tracking: In-built heart rate monitor for tracking
  • Sleep Tracking: How long, how well you sleep and how often you wake
  • GPS Run Mapping: Map the routes you’ve run, biked, or hiked and save your favorites
  • Email preview: Monitoring and previewing email activity at a glance
  • Calendar: Calendar alerts on the wrist
  • Timer & Alarm: Timing in laps, or alarms with vibrate to wake a person silently
  • Cross compatible: Works with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Notifications: Get notifications for calls and messages, also from Twitter and Facebook

Microsoft Band Design

Coming from the house of Microsoft, the personal assistant in the Band could be no other than Cortana, helping you with the voice assistance.

The smartband is priced at $199.99, and is already available, both at official Microsoft store online and in the offline stores.

Back in June, we had reported that the smartband from Microsoft is going to be launched in October, but now it seems the company is gearing up and the launch is due in a few weeks from now. Microsoft is planning to stock the devices by the festive season, and retailers will be able to sell them by then.

It was a decade ago, when Microsoft had announced its SPOT smartwatch in 2004 and that used radio signals to get some messages, alerts and news to the wrist. According to the reports, although the smartband will have some features a standard smartwatch has, it will still be a focused more on fitness tracking.

The best part is that the company is developing apps for all the three major smartphone operating systems: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. We’ll update the story when it goes official.

Source: Forbes

The smart watch market already very active with lots of smartwatches and smartbands from various companies has seen a lot of buzz suddenly after the release of Google Wear OS, which is for smartwatches.

Microsoft is the latest to enter the competition with a smartband that is supposedly going to have 11 sensors expected to be released in October. According to sources, the smartband is going to have 11 in-built sensors along with open API, which is a great combination to have all in one smartband that can act by being connected to your smartphone and also as a fitness tracker.

Microsoft Smartband

Microsoft is going to include a heart rate sensor which is said to track your heart rate continuously and keep it all synced with your smartphone app which can give you an idea of the health of your heart. The Heart rate monitor will be present on the inside of the smartband facing your wrist.

Microsoft is also planning to release a smartwatch that is going to have a completely new design by going a little out of the way in terms of design. As we have heard that the Display of the smartwatch will be on the inside of your wrist and not on the outside as seen in all devices.

The Operating system to be used on this device is not yet confirmed, but it is being said that Microsoft is going to bring it with cross-platform compatibility. Looking at all the features like the 11 sensors and seeing the design aspect also it is going to be a mighty fight between the Apple iWatch which is also expected to be released around the October mark.
The smartband is going to compete with Adidas smartband which is going to be released by using the Nike Fuelband technology and supposedly help from Apple.

Although there is no official news from Microsoft about the rumours or the device and the release date as well. The recent releases in the smartband market with the LG G and Samsung Gear Live having the Google Wear operating system. And many other devices like the much anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch expected to have a year-end release is going to spice up things in the smartwatch market this year end.


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