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Arrow Smartwatch – Wireless Charging, 360-degree Rotating Camera & More



Arrow Smartwatch

The smartwatch market is evolving, and there are new and innovative ideas coming from various companies with a lot of scope for more such innovative features and design to come. Here is one such smartwatch named Arrow Smartwatch that is unique in having a 360-degree rotating camera which is the main feature along with some other exciting features.

Arrow Smartwatch

Design of Arrow smartwatch

Arrow smartwatch is designed with a round face which is different from the square and rectangular designs storming the market, and this can be said is similarly looking to the Moto 360 with its round design. The strap is made of rubber and looks to be well built, and there seems to be no compromise on quality. The face of the smartwatch has a round screen with the camera located on the bezel of the device, which can be rotated 360 degrees to help capture images at any angle. And also easily help take selfies without awkwardly moving your hand into a different position to capture photos. The device has two buttons and a time adjusting knob that can be rotated to change the time like that seen in analog watches that gives it a realistic watch type feel. The back side of the device has the heart rate sensor.

Arrow Smartwatch Camera

Features and Specifications

The device is still in its development phase, so exact specifications are not yet released. But the device is going to have a first of its kind 8 MP camera which can be rotated along with Heart Rate monitor and Wireless charging with the help of Qi wireless charging. The 8MP camera will be not only able to capture high-quality images but also video quality is going to be quite good. Along with notifications and the ability to send messages and supposedly make phone calls arrow is trying to prevent taking out your camera to capture photos and videos with the decent featured camera. The Operating system is also not yet finalized, and we are waiting for the company to make an official announcement about the OS, specifications, pricing and release date as well.

On the whole, we must say that Arrow smartwatch is a great device with beautiful design and also the 360 degree rotating 8MP camera is already making quite a mark on the smartwatch market.


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