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ASUS planning for a cheap Smartwatch, their Hero product – Details



Asus smartwatch

With the announcement of Android Wear by Google in the Google I/O event recently there are many big companies, which are lining up with wearable devices to be released like Samsung, LG, Motorola, which have already released wearable devices but HTC. And now Asus has also joined the race and will be releasing this year with Android Wear OS.

Asus had earlier for a smartwatch but now by looking at the competition from other companies Asus has decided to come out with a cheap smartwatch as early as September. It is going to compete with the likes of Samsung Gear Live and LG G watch which were announced in the Google I/O event and were made available immediately for booking.

Asus smartwatch

This is one of the concept designs for the smartwatch from Asus

And Asus is planning to take on these devices by putting a competitive pricing of $99 or $149 compared to the Samsung Gear Live, which is $199, and LG G watch is $229. So looking at the pricing point of view Asus is well ahead as of now.
And coming to the features in Asus smartwatch it is rumoured that the device will be sporting an AMOLED display the shape of which is not confirmed yet and expected to be rectangular. It is also going to come with gesture controls and can also be used as a fitness tracker.

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih said, “With so many requirements to think over, we need to find out the right trade-off in order to make what we call a ‘hero product,”

So looking at a number of device being planned and released by many companies, the release of Android Wear, has surely improved the competition, and all the companies are going to release many devices in the near future. And Asus is starting the competitive pricing which will surely bring down the prices. HTC will be releasing its smartwatch that will be named One Wear that is not yet confirmed by the company.

Keep an eye on this space and the competition is getting tougher, and many new devices will be released with the compatibility with smartphones becoming more improved after release of Android wear.

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