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Apple’s Patent aims to turn your iPhone/ iPad into a full fledged laptop



Apple is currently putting its manpower to work on the new iPhones as the company is expected to unveil them this year. We have some really high expectations from Apple since all the rumors about the new iPhone appears to be quite crazy. While we wait for the new iPhones to come, here is something that you can look forward to from the Cupertino tech giant in the future. In one of their countless number of patents, Apple decides to somehow dock your iPhone/ iPad and turn it into a full-fledged computer by itself.

According to the report which we have, it shows a patent where the iPhone will be docked into a laptop shell, which will then become the brain of the system. Now, this laptop shell could resemble the design of MacBooks as well. However, it is not really important discussing it since we don’t even know if this will ever make it out to the real world. Coming back to the patent, the docked iPhone will then become your trackpad.

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Considering the fact that the iPhones have force touch displays (at least the new ones), this seems like a working idea. And if you notice, the trackpads on the new MacBooks are insanely huge and almost matches the size of an iPhone Plus. So who knows? This could very well be your next laptop. If this doesn’t sound impressive enough, then how about docking an iPad and turning it into a display for your next laptop? Yes, another idea in the same patent is exactly what we just told you. It shows an iPad docked into the upper casing of a laptop shell and it is acting as a display.

However, the idea of using your iPad as a display here, in this case, sounds more like using a keyboard case, which is already available on the market quite easily. But the inclusion of a trackpad would make a lot of difference indeed. Do make a note that although the user experience in terms of hardware would be something similar to using a laptop, but coming to the software side of things, it will anyway run iOS. And we already know that the company is not planning to merge both of them (not anytime soon).

Talking about the patent, it is a relatively one which was filed in September last year. However, considering the company’s track record, most of the patents don’t really make it out into the real world, we hope this one doesn’t end up being just like them. With that said, let us know what do you think about this? Do you think this idea makes sense or would you rather stick to your conventional laptop? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below and also stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.


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