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Apple’s ‘Invisible Hand’ will change the way you use your iPhones & iPads



Apple is known for its innovative projects across the platform. Technology like Siri was only a thing which existed either in fictional movies or concept. But today, Siri is one of the most used features on an iPhone and is the best part is, the company is still striving hard to evolve it as a technology. We all know that Siri has gotten better over the course of time. Today most of the basic tasks like taking a note or reminding about an upcoming meeting are all being efficiently by it.

So what’s next? When you think about the future possibilities, you might think that there is nothing much to expect here, right? Well, as a matter of fact, this is just the beginning. How? Well according to a new report, Apple is working on some new projects which include an Amazo Echo Competitor and a new ‘Invisible Hand’ initiative. Out of these two, the invisible hand is something which many of us would be interested in. This essentially has a potential to change the way we all use our smartphones.

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This invisible hand will allow users to fully control their mobile devices including the iPads and the iPhones just using the voice commands. Yes, there would be no need to touch the device at all. Impressive right? Indeed it is. This will allow users to carry out even complex tasks like asking the phone to launch the web browser and open a web page and share the same with a friend on Facebook or Twitter as well.  There are countless opportunities like this. But you get the point here right? This would be a revolutionary feature in the world of smartphones.

However, this is still in early stage of development and it might take a long time until it officially reaches the consumers. It seems the goal is to get this project off the ground and rolled out to the users within 3 years. Not sure if that will be possible or not, but we do hope that Apple successfully implements this as it would be something very interesting to check out. Stay tuned for more info like this.


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