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Apple to Block Apps from accessing ‘Notes’ data in Contacts app – with iOS 13



This week at WWDC, Apple had announced the much anticipated iOS 13 that brought highly demanded feature that is Dark Mode for iPhones. Besides, there were several other new features on its native apps like – Photos, Maps, Reminders, and Notes as well. Also, the company had showcased its stand regarding privacy and also introduced a new Sign In with Apple feature with which a user’s private information cannot be shared via third-party logins such as Login with Facebook/Google. With first developer beta out to the developers ever since the launch, other noticeable features are popping up on the web lately.

A new report from TechCrunch has revealed that with the newly announced iOS 13, Apple will be blocking App developers from accessing the ‘Notes’ data from the iPhones’ native ‘Contacts’ app. This move from Apple is said to protect users’ sensitive data stored in Contacts’ Notes section after they allow access to Contacts after installing the app. The report further denotes that iPhone users have been using the Notes section in the Contacts app as a makeshift password manager and address book. Apparently, most iPhone users have been saving sensitive data that includes ATM Pin codes, Addresses, or Credit cards information like it’s number or a CVV PIN kind of stuff. This practice has been widespread amongst the users despite security professionals suggesting not do so.

Henceforth Apple has decided to block access of the Notes data, which can be acquired by developers when they get access to users’ contacts. The report further indicates that Apple had denoted that most of the apps don’t require that section even though Contacts has been accessed, regardless, blocking would help users to have their typical Notes secured. Further, if a developer still wants to access the Notes in the native Contacts app, he/she would have to raise an exception to Apple after the implementation of this new rule with iOS 13. We would also recommend not to store any data in the Contacts Address book other than a phone number or an email, as there area several secured options to save the typical Notes on your iPhone. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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