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WWDC 2019: iOS 13 Previewed, Brings Dark Mode, Private Sign In with Apple Feature & more to iPhones



The much-anticipated event of the year — Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2019 has kicked off today at San Jose Convention Center. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has started of the developer conference to showcase their latest operating systems across all Apple products that include — new iOS 13, macOS Catalina, tvOS, watchOS 6 and the newly announced iPadOS. iOS 13 for iPhones has been previewed with much-awaited features that include — system-wide dark mode, app improvements, location, and privacy improvements, and more.

Before digging into the iOS 13, the iOS 12 is said to be adopted across 85% of its devices while the counterpart Google’s latest Android 9.0 Pie is adopted only by 10% of its devices globally.

iOS Now Lives in the Dark

Yes, the much anticipated dark mode and highly requested feature across the iOS has finally arrived to iPhones and in iPads via iPadOS as well. By enabling the dark mode, the dark black theme applies across system-wide along with all the native apps as well. This certainly enhances the viewing experience and causes less strain to eyes, especially if you’re working in lowlight conditions. The dark mode was earlier launched in macOS Mojave last year, and now it has come to the iPhones. The Dark mode across now enables third-party app developers to integrate the dark theme within their apps as well. Further, the iOS 13 users can activate this dark mode to be set automatically after sunset or can also be set manually. Enabling dark mode on iOS 13 should also bring significant battery improvements on the OLED Screen iPhones like iPhone X, iPhone Xs, and the Xs Max.

Private Sign in with Apple

Yet again, Apple has showcased its focus on Privacy at WWDC’19. With iOS 13, Apple aims to take on the social logins, which are used to sign into third-party apps. Usually, the third-party apps ask for credentials of either Facebook or Google to access our email and profile as well. According to Apple, this might be not entirely safe and may lead to obtaining your private information that includes your location, contacts, or more. Henceforth, to put an end to this, the Cupertino tech giant is introducing a faster, secure and private ‘Sign In With Apple’ feature in iOS 13.

Along with the conventional Login with Facebook/Google buttons, iPhone users can now witness a Sign In With Apple button alongside them as well. This new feature allows users to quickly and safely sing into their desired apps. This new Sign in with Apple will use your FaceID to authenticate, which further eliminates of using social accounts or verifying emails for that matter. Apple claims this authentication will be simple, secure, and hassle-free and promises to protect users’ privacy as well.

Using your FaceID authentication, the new feature creates a random ID for login and for those logins which require your email address Apple will create random fake email addresses and the emails received will be forwarded to your selected work/personal address. This will eventually make new spam or unnecessary emails that are being received to your work/personal emails practically stop.

In addition to Privacy improvements, Location services also get better controls with iOS 13. Users will now have the option to share location only once when they open the app instead of choosing while only using the app or never. This one-time location helps users location data not to be tracked whenever the app is opened or while running in the background.

Photos Get Better

The native Photos app on iPhones get improvements with the iOS 13. The app is said to utilize on-device machine learning that will make the entire photo library more organized than ever. For instance, it would highlight the best images by automatically hiding clutter like screenshots or duplicates. The library on the native Photos can now be organized according to days, months, and years. Users can now experience auto-playing of videos and live photos while they scroll through their entire library in iOS 13.

The Photos app on iOS 13 also gets new editing tools as well, which are claimed to be easily applicable and brings in swipe gestures that would allow to increase or decrease the effects. Video editing on the iOS 13 gets the much-anticipated editing option with which users can now rotate the video while editing and can crop and further can apply filters as well. Portrait mode on the iOS 13 also comes with notable improvements that include a new High-Key Mono effect for monochromatic photos as well.

Revamped Maps

Apple maps have been continuously trying to compete against the biggest rival Google Maps and taking a step forward; Apple has revamped the maps totally in iOS 13. With new Apple maps, users would now experience broader road coverage, better pedestrian data, and more precise address. Apple claims they have covered 4 million miles to rebuild the maps and these new maps are now available in select cities, states, and the whole redesigned US map is promised to get to Apple Maps by the end of this year and will further start expanding to other countries starting next year.

Apple Maps also features new 3D high-resolution photography in iOS 13, which makes the users look around the searched place more lively with smooth transitions and high quality imagery.

New Reminders

Reminders on iOS 13 get a design overhaul and a new look. The app will now offer new ways to create and edit reminders. There’s a new quick toolbar to add times, dates and locations or attachments to reminders more swiftly. It will also be integrated with Messages on the iPhone, wherein the reminders surface when you’re chatting with a person who you have tagged while creating the reminders.

Messages & New Keyboard

With Messages on iOS 13, users can now send their Memoji and Animoji as stickers across the messages, and Apple claims this can be further integrated to third-party apps too when the respective app developers allow them with iOS 13.

These stickers will be directly built into the new iOS keyboard, which had also received much-awaited Gesture typing with iOS 13. Moreover, the Memoji also introduces new hairstyles, makeups, and more with iOS 13.

Performance Improvements

As stated earlier, with iOS 13, there are several performance improvements as well. FaceID is now said to be 30% faster, and these improvements can also be seen amongst the apps as well. App load times are likely to be 2x faster, and App downloads are said to 50% smaller, and the updates are also said to be 60% smaller. All in all, these are claimed to improve your iOS 13 experience on your iPhones more swiftly.

Apart from these significant features with iOS 13, there are several improvements with Siri, CarPlay, HomePod, and AirPods as well. Siri gets a new voice, which is claimed to be more natural and there are new Siri Shortcuts that include personalized features while en route to work or home. CarPlay also gets new Dashboard with iOS 13, wherein users can view Music and Maps at the same time on a single screen split into half. The calendar app is now integrated into CarPlay with iOS 13 too. AirPods now get the support of reading incoming messages as soon as they arrive. With iOS 13, AirPods get new audio sharing feature wherein users can bring the second pair of AirPods to iPhone or iPad and can share with their regular AirPods simultaneously.

Apple has already put up the first developer beta of iOS 13 starting today. And, the public beta of iOS 13 will be available to iOS users later this month. The final release is expected to be this fall alongside the new iPhones in September. The iOS 13 will be released for all the iPhones starting from iPhone 6s and later. The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5S finally dropped the iOS 13 support. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.


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