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Apple iPhone 6s Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Apple iPhone 6s - Rose Gold

Apple’s new iPhones are now available (Sept. 12) for pre-order as stated by the company during their annual launch event. Though, they don’t ship until the Sept. 25; that’s when the units are going on sale. It means those souls who haven’t yet placed ordered for the iPhone still have time to think whether they should upgrade or not.

We have sifted through information available on new iPhone and have compiled these FAQs. Here’s all the critical information that we have learned about the iPhone 6s.

What is the cost of new iPhone 6s?

If you’re planning to get under two-year contract with a carrier, then the new iPhone 6s would cost you $199 for 16GB model. While the 64GB model and 128GB model for the same is available for $299 and $399. But if you’re getting the device without a contract then you’ll have to cash out $649 for 16GB model of iPhone 6s. You can get bigger storage 64GB and 128GB without a contract for $749 and $849.

When is the new iPhone 6s available in my country?

The new iPhone 6s is already on pre-order in the United States and would be available for purchase from September 25 in the country. On that date, it would be available in the Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United States and the United Kingdom. While more 130 countries would be getting it by the end of the year, and especially talking about India, the new iPhones are expected to be launched in the second week of October.

In which colors the new iPhone 6s would be available?

Apple iPhone 6s - Gray

This time there’s a new rose gold option with white bezel as well as three other options; Standard gray with black bezel, gold with white bezel and silver with a white bezel. The rose gold variant can be a match to your Apple Watch Edition, which comes in rose gold. Though, note that the body is made of aluminum, not actual gold.

Which carriers are selling the iPhone 6s in the United States?

Telecom giants like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint are carrying the new iPhone 6s in the U.S., as well as you can buy them without a contract from these carriers. It will allow you to choose any operator of your choice, may it be from the above list or not.

How much is the RAM capability on the new iPhone 6s?

Cupertino giant didn’t reveal anything about RAM capability during the launch announcement of the new iPhones on Sept 9. As well as there was no official information available on the company’s website. Though, it has been confirmed that the new iPhone 6s packs 2GB of RAM.

Are there any changes to the wireless capabilities on new iPhone 6s?

The new iPhone 6s now supports up to 23 LTE bands all over the world. It’s quite an amazing thing, and that’s what makes this device an international smartphone. Now if you’re a traveler, you’re in for a treat with accessibility to blazing fast network all over the world.

What are the camera capabilities of the new iPhone 6s?

Apple iPhone 6S Retina Flash

The iSight camera on iPhone now has 12-megapixel count with the same aperture, i.e. f/2.2. The company has added a new sensor, image signal processor, as well as improved the Optical Image Stabilization, although OIS is still not available for iPhone 6s. Moreover, you get the 4K video recording at 30fps on the new camera module. Talking about the FaceTime camera, it has also got more megapixel count, now up to 5MP. A dedicated selfie feature is introduced, when enabled it would flash display three times brighter for low light captures.

What are the Live Photos on the new iPhone 6s?

The stunning animation watch faces that we saw on the Apple Watch are now being transformed for new iPhone 6s with iOS 9. It would be bundled as dynamic wallpapers in new iPhones. Now see images come to life on the retina display of the iPhone 6s.

What is the battery capacity on the new iPhone 6s?

The company didn’t mention the battery capacity during the launch announcement, as well hasn’t specified about it on their website. But a recent official video posted by the company reveals that the new iPhone actually packs less capacity than the previous generation iPhone, i.e. 1715 mAh battery on iPhone 6s while it was 1810 mAh on iPhone 6.

How much 4K video can I record on my new iPhone 6s?

Now that Apple has introduced a 4K video recording feature on its new iPhone 6s, people would go crazy with 4K recording. Though, I should warn you that if you’re planning to get 16GB variant then you will run out of storage within minutes. The 4K video at 30fps would take around 375 MB for a one minute clip. So, you would be able to record not more than 32 minutes of video clips in 4K. And that only when you haven’t installed any third-party app, the storage space available should be around 12GB.

How much is the internal storage of the 64GB variant of the device?

The device is available in three storage variants 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 64GB variant comes with 52.3GB as its internal storage and rest of the space is occupied by OS and pre-installed apps on the device.

Got your queries answered from above FAQs about Apple iPhone 6s? If not, shoot us some questions in the comment box and will try to answer them as soon as possible. Though, watch out for the FAQs list to get updated.


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