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Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Apple iPhone 6 Tips and Tricks

The new Apple iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus, both have come with different display sizes and they are certainly quite larger than the previous iPhones. Thus, the user experience would be quite different and you expect these new phones to have some different features to take advantage of. Frankly, there isn’t much difference because it is the same iOS 8.1, and except for the few orientation options for a better one-handed usage on the iPhone 6 Plus, it is almost the same that you can do in the OS of the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and in any previous iPhone using iOS 8.1.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Tips & Tricks

Selectively Delete Browsing History

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Delete History

Deleting history is not hard, if you already are using an iPhone. But there are times when you wanted to delete the history selectively based on the time. Sometimes, it is just the last hour’s browsing that you wanted to remove from history. When you go into the history, by tapping on the book icon in the Safari browser, you will see the option of deleting it in the right bottom. Now, once you tap on that, you will see the options to delete the history of last hour, today, yesterday and such.

Photo Editing in Photos App

If you want to edit the photos after you have captured with the iPhone, you have new and better editing options. Just select the photo and tap on edit where you would get access to a bunch of options. You can fine tune the adjustments like light, exposure, shadows, brightness, contrast and many more like adding filters etc.

Customize Notes, Add Photos

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Editing Notes

You can not only add bold, Italics or underlines to the text stored in the notes app but also insert a photo. Long press in the notes application and you would get a option of Insert a Photo. This not just makes it more interesting, but also helpful at times, because the entire notes can be directly forwarded as a mail.

Customizing Swipe Options in Mail app

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Mail Swipe Options

Swiping in the mail application performs an action, different one for left swipe and right. But, you can customize the same by going to the Settings > Mail > Swipe options. Here you select the action you would like to activate when swiping right or left. You really don’t need to go into every email to do some actions.

Quickly Hiding Drafts

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Hide Draft

If you are in the middle of composing an email and would quickly need access to your mail box or any other app, then you can just swipe from the top to the bottom and the compose section would be moved to the bottom. Not completely hidden but at least gets the job done and you can easily restore it when needed.

Hide Photos from Gallery

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Hide Photo

You can hide some photos which you don’t want to show on your phone’s photos folder. You can visit the Photos app and go to the recently added photos section, long press on a photo, you can tap on “hide”, which would hide the same from collections and other folders. Although, this doesn’t hide it totally because there is a holder named “hidden” that is in the list of folders, still it removes it from the “Photos” folder which someone usually checks.

Auto Erase Messages

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Delete Messages

If this is your secondary phone and the messages are not really important, then you can set the auto delete option for the messages that you receive. This is time dependent. Just head over to Settings > General > Messages and there is an option of “Keep Messages”. You can select between 30 days, 1 year or forever and if you receive a lot of MMS Messages, then doing this might help you free up storage from time to time.

Control Exposure in Camera app

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Exposure Control

While capturing photos with the camera application, you can manually set and control the exposure and this can be done by tapping once to get the focus on the object, following which you need to swipe up or down to control the exposure.

Enable / Disable Keyboards

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Change Keyboard

You can easily enable a different keyboard, by going to Settings > General > Keyboards and here you need to select the keyboard. You also have a option of selecting a localised version of a keyboard and keyboards such as QWERTY / QWERTZ, etc.

Location based Apps

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Location Services

If you are at the Apple Store or Starbucks and if your location is ON, the device would show you a small shortcut to the app, which will be useful at that period. Even if the app is not installed you would get that notification and you can install the application. You just need to go to Settings > Privacy and there, activate the location services.

Disable Suggestions while Typing

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Hide Suggest Bar

If you are in the middle of writing a message, the keyboard would show you some predictions and also suggestions based on what you are writing. Only sometimes, you might feel this is disturbing, and taking up some extra space on the screen. You can then just swipe it from the top to the bottom to disable it, and it shows as a thin line that can be pulled up again to see those suggestions.

Store Photos on iCloud

Apple iPhone 6 Tip iCloud Photo Library

By default, all the Photos and videos you capture with your iPhone 6 stays on your device. But if you wish you could host them on the iCloud, you can do that by tapping on the iCloud iPhoto Library option under Settings. You can also limit it to a 1000 photos if you wish to.

Activate Personal Hotspot

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Personal Hotspot

Personal hotspot (sharing the data network connection of the phone with other devices) is something people take advantage of, when there is no proper Wi-Fi network around, and it is only the iPhone that has the data network connection activated. You can turn the personal hotspot ON by going to Settings > Mobile > Personal Hotspot and you can do that in three ways – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.

Don’t allow opening Control Center from Lock Screen

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Control Center Access

The control center is available to be opened from almost everywhere – lock screen, home screen and apps. For better security (because control center opens even when you have the passcode lock ON on lock screen), you should be choosing to not show control center from the lock screen. Here’s how to do it – Go to Settings > Control Center, and here toggle the first option OFF.

Using Do Not Disturb Mode

Apple iPhone 6 Tip DND mode

Do Not Disturb mode is something one would use to keep the phone active but keep silent when phone calls or notifications are received. The best part is that, you can choose to ignore all calls or have some favorite contacts whose calls can still be received when the Do Not Disturb mode is active. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled and set the time when you want the phone to be on that mode every day.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Deleted Photos

There is no special app required if you wanted to restore any deleted picture from your Apple iPhone, but that is possible only for recently deleted pictures. Photos and Videos that are deleted from the “Photos” album, go straight into a folder called “Recently Deleted”, where they stay for 40 days before getting permanently removed from the device. You can choose to recover them from there. Every photo shows how many days are left before it gets removed.

Toggle between LTE and 3G data network

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Toggle Network

Not every time you would want to use the super-fast 4G LTE network. Especially, when you are traveling and seeing a fluctuation in the network, it is better to downgrade to 3G network and check if there is stability. Fortunately, like in Android, there is a toggle to switch between the networks. Go to Settings > Mobile > Enable LTE and choose based on what you require.

iPhone 6 Plus Tip – Bring All Content to Bottom Half

Apple iPhone 6 Tip Reachability

With a larger screen on the iPhone 6 Plus, it is hard to handle and operate it with one hand. You cannot reach to every corner of the phone, and thus, Apple has given some options to make it easy for usage with one hand. With you getting easy access to the bottom half content on the screen when holding the device, you can just “tap the home button twice” gently, so that the upper half content is pushed down if you wanted to access it. It is called Readability feature, and is a very useful one.

More Tips – Finally need more tips? Well Apple has offered a list of tips on the device itself. Just hit the search box and type tips and you would get a big list of useful tips which you can use. If you are new to iPhone, you can just drag from anywhere on the home screen to the bottom and the search bar would appear, blurring everything in the background.

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