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Apple 2019 iPhones to Come With Triple Cameras, USB Type-C Connectors Hinted: Report



Apple has released three new iPhones last year, which have been facing meager sales lately. That was because the majority of people have adapted to battery upgrade programs, according to Tim Cook and also hefty prices in the international markets have kept users sticking to their older iPhones for more extended periods. That said, when compared to the radically new iPhone X that was launched a couple of years ago, the newly released iPhones were just a minor upgrade. While the competition is bringing all kinds of new tech packed in their flagship smartphones every year, it appears the minor upgrades isn’t helping Apple to boost its iPhone sales.

Henceforth Apple is expected to change its approach for its upcoming iPhones starting this year. According to Bloomberg’s new report, it is revealed that Apple is bringing a triple camera setup to this year’s iPhone, particularly with the larger iPhone variant. The report suggests Apple would be releasing similar three trios of iPhone models, i.e. the successors to the existing – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR models. All these three handsets are said to have upgraded and powerful chipsets, apart from that the larger variant amongst the trio is believed to feature a three outward facing rear cameras.

The report further suggests us that alongside the current dual camera setup – one of which is a primary sensor and the other is used as a telephoto lens for portraits. The third lens is supposedly used to capture a larger field of view and allows you to have a broader range of zoom and further helps in capturing more pixels. The other exciting feature hinted by the report is that this third lens can be paired with Apple’s new software support, which can automatically correct shots captured through video or photo, for instance, if a subject is out of focus or accidentally cut, the devices’ software will be able to fix it without losing focus on the subject. Additionally, the Live Photos features seem to have a bump in the time frame of the capture, i.e. from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, as stated in the report.

There’s also a possibility of the much anticipated USB-Type C port for iPhone might come this year. It is said that Apple is currently testing fewer versions of iPhones featuring USB Type-C connectors. If that happens, it would be a significant step forward for Apple and the mobile industry since all the major players have already adopted to USB-C. And, all the phones can now be charged in synergy with a single USB Type-C charging connector. Apple had already shifted its latest MacBooks and iPad 2018 to Type C connectivity.

The Bloomberg’s report further reveals Apple’s plan for 2020 iPhones as well. Future iPhones will most likely see significant advancements as early as next year such as laser 3D cameras, which would replace the current dot projecting technology introduced with the iPhone X. The new laser 3D cameras are presumed to be much more advanced, and high end than the current iPhone 3D camera system, i.e. in the real usage scenario the laser 3D camera system would be able to capture images in 3D with a distance of upto 15 feet. For instance, the current Face ID system can operate up to a range of 25 to 50 centimeters.

Future iPhones with the laser-powered 3D camera system is primarily focused on improving Apple’s Augmented Reality tech. Besides, the report also reveals Apple is gearing up to introduce an AR headset as early as in 2020 alongside the 5G powered iPhones as well. Stay tuned to PhonRadar for more updates.



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