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Angry French Customer Smashes 14 New iPhones and a Macbook with a Steel Ball – VIDEOs



Apple iphone 7 Smash French Man

A man in his early thirties has been caught on video smashing and destroying brand new Apple iPhones & a Macbook. The store located in a shopping center in France was nearly empty when this man brought in a steel bowling ball to smash all of these electronics.

If you watch the video below, you can notice that this step by taken by him in return for the store not refunding his money. He started smashing the devices one by one, while the staff just looked at home casually waiting for the security to enter the store and stop him. In fact, there are reports that he was eventually arrested for this act which is evident, while Apple would anyway get the money from insurance agencies.

The whole scene was filmed & uploaded to YouTube in 3 videos that you can watch below. Apart from the stupid act, we can also say that the man was courageous considering that instead of venting his anger by just smashing one unit, he went on to multiple devices. This is something we would have never seen but all thanks to the staff who kept recording this incident as a proof of what all happened.

The man is placed in custody, and an investigation is underway. If you noticed the last video, he was trying even to run away in two incidents but caught again by the three security guards who were waiting for the cops to enter the shopping mall and arrest him. According to the him that we could understand through translating, he wanted his money back, while the store officials didn’t process the same. Ultimately he went ahead with this. The damage is clearly a few thousands of dollars considering that the average cost of the Phone there would retail for around $500 (Average) while there was also a Macbook seen at the end.

Did you also notice that there were a few new iPhone 7 considering that the devices were in all black & that’s something Apple has only launched this year? Let us know what do you think about this incident & share this with your friends if you believe that this was an interesting scenario.


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