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Top Reasons Why You should buy the UMI Plus Phone



The smartphone industry is ever growing, it can’t be stopped, and it shouldn’t be. Every year we see brands launch the upgrade to their handsets and this year wasn’t the different. While if taking Apple iPhone for instance, the new iPhones announced this year aren’t quite strikingly different if you talk about design and some important stuff.

Which is why you need to see other handset if you are looking for upgrading this time of the year. UMI is one such brand that has thought about the design of phablet a lot and claims to craft a perfect phablet. Below you can read the top reasons that are touted by the company as to why you should by UMI Plus smartphone.


The first and foremost is the design part. Using 6000 Series Aluminium material, the company has made it’s Plus smartphone quite lighter than the competition as well as stronger too. On top of high quality strength, it gives a premium look and feels. The aluminum alloy used was coupled with an anodic oxidation process that makes UMI Plus feels incredible in hand. On the front, you can see a 2.5D curve panel and see that it has a metal unibody design. With such combination, it offers an elegant look and refined design that feels pretty smooth when touched. The company also touts the brand new internal structure following the concept of symmetrical aesthetics language.


With a display of 5.5-inch, the device is considered as a phablet. It is an ideal size for people who wants on-the-go entertainment. The screen has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is quite impressive as stated by the company. What’s more impressive is the narrow bezel it claims to sport with the high screen-to-body ratio. The display offers a comfortable viewing experience. The display is touted to be quite vivid and offers great color outputs.



Under the hood is a Helios P10 processor, which is an Octa-core chipset sporting eight A53 cores that can handle the heavy system usage. It is coupled with a Mali-T860 64-bit GPU that enhances image rendering as well as multimedia display. There is a 4GB of RAM available on the Plus smartphone, which is considered to be quite huge and should prove to be helpful in terms of performance and power efficiency. All this is powered by a high capacity 4000 mAh battery. It is said to offer two day’s battery capacity. Using Sony’s cell that provides 26% higher capacity, the battery pack is slim and light weight and uses 690 Wh/L high-density battery. The device supports Quick Charging facility that means you don’t have to keep your phone on charging overnight. Do make a note that it uses USB Type-C port that is claimed to be faster in the transmission of power.

Fingerprint Sensor

There is a fingerprint sensor on the device on home button present on the front. The company calls it a Touch ID, which has multi-functions apart from unlocking the device within 0.1 second. It can register up to 5 fingerprints making it convenient to use any registered finger you want. With a 360 degree recognition of the fingerprints, you won’t have to struggle to unlock your device at all. On top of that, it has a chip-level security, which means the fingerprints arrest hackable using software. There is dedicated encryption chip that encrypts and stores the fingerprint sensor in a totally safe way.



UMI has used best-in-class components to craft a perfect phablet for the user, and that is why they have used Samsung’s sensors to make an impressive appeal to the users that they should buy their UMI Plus handset. The device sports a 13-megapixel image sensor on the rear side that uses Ultra-Fast PDAF focusing, which is Phase Detection Autofocus technology. The company claims that it can focus an object in just 0.1 second all thanks to PDAF technology. There is a 5P lens elements setup that is quoted with anti-glare coating. On the front is a 5-megapixel snapper for selfies and video calls.


With such a beautiful design aesthetics to charm, it’s user, the UMI Plus smartphone is a great contender for being the best affordable flagship phablet of the year. You get impressive full HD display, powerful and efficient chipset, high-density large capacity battery, quick & secure fingerprint sensor. In the end, you will also get a camera package that is claimed to be best-in-class. All this just at a pre-order discounted price of $179.99. Do make a note that it will later retail at $249.99.


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