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Android Q Beta 2 Integrates iOS-like 3D-touch feature called ‘Deep Press’



Not long ago, Google had released its latest Android Q Beta for developers with its first developer beta preview build 1, which had brought several new features to the newest version of Android. The new Android Q beta was rolled out to all its Pixel devices, two weeks ago. And, late last week, the Mountain View search engine giant had released the second beta of the Android Q operating system, which has also brought several noticeable changes.

The new features in the latest beta included a new platform called Bubbles, which the company says a new way for users to perform multitasking across the user interface. This isn’t surprisingly new since we have seen a similar approach in Facebook’s Messenger earlier. Google says this Bubble platform will be great for messaging and further provides a convenient view for ongoing tasks.

Secondly, the beta 2 had also featured new iOS-like swipe gestures as well. Gestures were previously introduced in Android Pie with Pixel 3 devices, but, the newly featured gestures feel more iOS-like. Swiping across the home button pill on the device will now let users swipe through all the apps open in the background similar to what home button does on the Apple iPhones (iPhone X and above). And now, a new report from folks at 9to5Google reveals Android Q might also be bringing new functionality called ‘deep press,’ which is apparently similar to Apple iOS’ 3D Touch feature.

Similar to what Google had done with Gestures, which were first introduced with iPhone X and later were introduced in Android P by the company, the search engine giant had also brought 3D touch functionality with Android Oreo running devices. While Apple had released 3D Touch with iPhone 6s, back in 2015, which the company had achieved by utilizing hardware under the display – Google had achieved similar functionality with software in Android Oreo. Now, the new report reveals the new documents of the latest Android Q beta, which suggests under a new ‘Motion event’ function that handles functionality regarding touchscreens and styluses had revealed this new ‘deep press’ feature for developers.

The docs had further explained this new deep press feature represents the touch on the touch screen and further this is said to be representing users intentionality of pressing harder on the screen. The report further indicates the deep press feature will allow users to get the same menus by a long press on the screen on the Android Q launcher that is expected be more iOS-like 3D Touch feature. However, it is still unclear whether the new gestures need the newest hardware or whether it is software-based. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar more such interesting updates.



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