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Android Q Beta 1 Rolling out to Pixels Devices – Details



After opening the Android Q Beta bug tracker a couple of days earlier, Google has now released the first beta of the Android Q for all the Pixels devices (includes Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL, and Pixel). The Pixel phones users need to enroll in the Android Beta Program first to install the beta build. Unlike the previous Android built, this new Android Q preview update can be received over-the-air.

This beta is mainly for the developers for testing their applications on the upcoming version of this OS. With this new update, users will be getting more privacy and security on their device as it comes with a new permission management setup for tracking location which will be providing its users three options like “allow all time, Deny and Allow only while the app is in use.”

The users can now control applications that access to audio files, videos, photos with the new version and Google will be holding the I/0 2019 in the month of May to discuss more Android Q. The new version of Android will stop the application from opening activities in the background and the application also need to require to use system file picker from the Downloads folder so that the users can choose that file that can be accessed by the app.

Furthermore, it will also come with support for Foldables and innovative new screens to take advantage of foldable devices and other large screen devices. It also helps the developers to manage how their application is displayed on foldable and large screens. Android Q also brings in a new Setting Panels, an API that will allow applications to show setting to the users in the context of their app.

The access to the IMEI number and other sensitive information on the device will be restricted on the latest Android version. Improvements in the Wi-Fi will be delivering more privacy and performance and it will include a high-performance mode with low latency that will let its users take advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity while watching a Video or while playing games.

With Android Q, apps can request a Dynamic Depth image which has a JPEG, XMP metadata that is related to depth related elements and confidence map embedded in the same of the device to advertising support. This makes possible for the user to offer specialized blurs and bokeh option on the application and the user can also use the data to create 3D images or support AR photography use-cases in the future.

The users will also be able to share content like photos or videos in other applications with faster speeds making it quicker and easier with sharing Shortcuts that lets the user jump directly into another app to share the content that they want to. Google has also added new connectivity APIs to extend what apps can do with Android connectivity stack.

Google is said to be releasing six beta editions of this Android Q and the second one is scheduled to be rolled out in April while the third one will be rolled out in May. In June we can get accesses to the fourth built which are meant for testing while the 5th and 6th beta are more like the final beta. All the change logs and new features of the Android Q can be seen from the Source link given below.

All the Pixel users can enroll to get the Android Q Beta update via OTA update and downloadable system images for the Pixel devices are also available. Don’t have a Pixel device? You can use the Android Emulator and download the latest emulator system images via the SDK Manager in Android studio.

Google will also be updating preview system images and SDK regularly throughout the preview and will be sharing more features to share as the Beta programme moves forward. Do you own a Pixel device? Did you receive the Beta Update? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.



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