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Android Lollipop on 35.1% devices, followed by Kitkat on 30.1%, Marshmallow on 13.3% Smartphones



Google announces a new version of its operating system, Android every year with latest one being the 7th version. But when it comes to adoption rates, well it is not always a good show. With OEMs taking a lot of time to push out the update to its users, it takes anywhere between 6 months to a year to reach all the users from the original release date. Same was the case with Android Lollipop as well as with the Marshmallow also. But now according to a new report, the new version has apparently grown in popularity.

The latest officially released Android flavor has been powering 13.3% of all active Android devices in June, which is a substantial increase over its 10.1% distribution figures in May 2016. Android 5.0 Lollipop remains the most popular version of the OS yet with 35.1% active devices running the OS, and the next comes to the Android Kitkat. Kitkat powered 30.1% devices throughout June.

With that being said, all the other previous versions of the OS are gradually getting phased out. But Android Froyo, which is a 6-year-old version of the current one, is still alive. It is powering a total of 0.1% of all the Android devices on the planet as of last month. However, having an up-to-date version of the current edition is much more important that the previous ones, as it powers a number of devices and the overall user experience depends on this. The distribution of Android’s versions is not that important when you compare it with Google’s own Play Services.

With the new version of the software being announced, it will be interesting to see the distribution of that once it goes official later this year. The newest version of the software is called Android “Nougat” which is the 7th version of the software. Well, there were a lot of speculation about the name of this new version, but yes, this is what we have. Check out our story here to see what others think about this name of the software. If you want to know if your device will receive the update to new version, then click here. Stay tuned for more information like this.


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