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Best Android Apps for Creating To-Do Lists



Best To-do Lists Apps for Android

The Google Play Store has become a minefield where it is hard to find the best of the best apps because there are so many. And finding a right tool to track your to-do lists is personal, while some apps are perfect for a person while it is completely a junk for another if the priorities and needs are different. But there are some apps that are better than others and with a blend of a perfect mixture of syncing, scheduling, notifications, reminder and flexibility, which would make it easier for you to organize your list. If you’re looking for that sort of to-do apps, then you’ve come to right place, as we have just the thing for you. We are hopeful that the below list of best Android apps for creating to-do lists would help you in completing your tasks.

Google Keep

Google Keep

The Keep uses the most trusted to-do list managing method, Sticky notes, which has been around for quite a time now on PC. It digitizes the approach into a friendly form for your Android devices. The app allows you to jot down a reminder in a single note or create list items, which can later be marked as done. Also, you can ask for Keep to remind you of a particular task by sending you the notification at your choice of time. This app also lets you keep photos, voice notes, label a task, and share with another Google contact too. The syncing seamless between web and Android app, so you don’t have to worry from where you are accessing the Google Keep.

This is a great to-do list app if someone is looking for a simple yet feature-rich app. The app lets you get comfortable by not showing you today, tomorrow and later, rather than the dates, which gets overwhelming at times. The interface is designed to be very simple, but it packs very useful features. The app lets you collaborate with team mates. You can attach video, images and Dropbox files to a task as well as a comment to get things moving. The other interesting extra features of includes reminding you to return the missed calls and send a quick text message to people you can’t talk right now.



The latest version of the app has some of the most enticing features and services integrated allowing it to be very helpful. It lets you type the notes, upload images, as well as record the voice in the form of memos. The metadata, such as tags and the location are also stored when you make any note in the app. The free version of the app gives you a lot; there is no limitation of working with it, except the storage space in the cloud. All your data would be stored on their cloud servers and if you’re fine with the space comes in the free account, then, you don’t need to be worried.



Making lists is pretty much can be done on lots of apps, but if you’re interested in the app that can let you create endless lists that can be simple or complicated as you’d like them to be. You can share the lists with your friends by inviting them to edit the list. As well as you can assign the work to others or yourself managing the team tasks. The app allows you to remind for a task on daily, month or weekly basis. You can star important tasks, which is the closest to a priority you’ll get. Its broad platform support means you can access you to-do lists from any platform, be it from PC, Mac, iOS and most importantly the Android app.



The best part about this app is that it is available on 14 platforms including Android, so you can access your tasks from anywhere. The app allows you to search, put reminder notifications, as well as add tasks via emails. If spend a lot of time organizing your tasks, then this should be installed on your Smartphone. There are features like setting up custom labels, filters, and even a location-based reminders that would allow you to be ahead in completing tasks. There are some templates available for recurring projects that you can use to create new ones for your future tasks. The app has a lot of fire power and it encourages you to spend more time tinkering with your tasks than other apps could. The design is clean, powerful, and intuitive, which is just the thing one requires in a great app.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk

This app is around for longer than any other to-do app, including the Google Keep. This particular service represents the first of its kind mobile task management and still rely on in the old style of doing things. But with tweaks, like integration with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Evernote, etc., it has maintained its usefulness over the time. With a big update rolled out last year that changed the design of RTM, offering a better look. The app is pretty straight forward, you can add notes, define under categories, and assign due dates, repeat tasks, and favourite your searches as Smart Lists.



The appeal behind the GTasks is that it seamlessly integrates the Gmail and Google Calendar. Now if Google is the center of your workflow, then this app is the handiest tool you could ask for. The Android app offers clean and simple ways to create lists and fill them with tasks, and rearrange them as needed. With a material design look, this app wants you enjoy completing your tasks. You can either use this app with your Google account or could use this is in local mode.



The pleasant interface on this app sets it apart from other to-do list apps while maintaining the usual set of features. With a user-friendly task management, the app can be a valuable asset to you. With a support for the widget, you can access all your lists from the home screen only. And a notification where you can select the task as finish or edit it right from the notification panel. Other than that you could do all the tasks that are available on most of the apps like set a due date and time, repeat tasks, and add to a personal list.

So, the above list includes some of the best to-do apps for your Android smartphone. And if you think that any other apps are worthy of this list, then shoot your feedback in the comments below and let us know the name and why we should add that application into this list.

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