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Best Android Apps for Kids aged 4 to 5 years



Best Android Apps for Kids Aged 4-5 Years Old

These parents have started to trust their kids with a smartphone, meaning we’ve oftenly seen the adults give their smartphones to children, which mostly involves gaming. But you can make the best out of it by installing such apps that’ll be fun and interactive to your junior as well as would allow an opportunity to learn something while playing on it.

There are hundreds of developers making apps for kids including games, story books and more types of apps. Each day we see many apps releasing on the market, which makes it pretty hard to choose best apps out of that. That being said, the Google Play Store doesn’t make it easier, as there is no dedicated kids section where all this apps would accessible easily. All these apps for kids are scattered among the categories of entertainment, book, games and education. We have made a list for you to get easily the best of the best apps for your kids. These are all genuine apps and truly suited for your child to play around and have fun along with education.

Dino Dots

DIno Dots

This is a game of connecting the dots, and you’re kids are going to love the game as they’ll discover more than 90 wonderfully drawn unique pictures/scenes when they finish connecting the dots. There are around 144 different scenes starting from 4 dots to 35 dots in three difficult levels. With pleasant voice narration, your kid would also learn to count up to 20, as well as teaches you the alphabets. Playing this game would develop your child’s shape & pattern recognition skills, motor skills, cognitive skills, as well as visual-spatial skills.

Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2

This is already a top pick of the game in the Google Play Store that asks players to utilize the tools and make their way out of the maze. This is the second edition of the game developed and better by Avokiddo. Players have to work their way through a maze using a variety of tools. All this done in stage by stage, as each level introduces new tools as the children have to incorporate them to make out of the puzzle. To start with, your kid would first choose a character that would be his Thinkroll. Your junior can select the new characters once he unlocks the level, there are up to 28 rolling characters to play with.

Perfect Piano

This is a music app that’ll make your child the master of the piano, as it offers extensive information based teaching. You can play, practice and master the piano settings on this app. There are three different modes making it truly a mobile musical device. By installing this app on your smartphone, you can turn your device into a mobile piano. The setting allows you to adjust the metronome, keyboard, and the pressure controls. If you’re a non-musician, then you don’t have to worry, as it has a learning mode where your child can learn the music lessons at a very early stage in his life.

Kids Learn Football

Kids Learn Football

Football is an international sport and if kids learn the facts about this game at an early stage then it would help them understand the game at a very early stage, and children are good at grasping things fast and it is for a fact that they’ll remember it longer. This app would teach them the basic vocabulary words and rules applied in football. Developing a dedicated app to teach sports to children is what needs to be done as there are not many genuine apps.

Word Mix

This is a wordplay game that would challenge your kid to create as many as words out of the shown phrase. It is just like the old school anagram-style game where teachers would hand around the dittos that would challenge the kids to create as many words as they could. This app will do the same thing, as you’ll receive letters and a limited amount of time to guess as many as creations. This would not only allow children to have fun but would also build their vocabulary.

Concentration for Kids

Concentration for Kids

A concentration power is very important skill, and it should be developed right start from the toddler age. Beginning that your child would have to memorize the themes in the ten different levels. It should be fun for the kid as they would be seeing well-known animals, sea creature, as well as letters. This is an app that’ll open the mind of your child to unlimited possibility.

Sound Touch

This is an app that’ll allow your child to learn and explore the real life photos and sounds of each animal. Your junior would find this very interesting as there are around 200 amazing photograph and sounds available on this app. Moreover, it includes dubbing in 32 languages. This app would teach your child about the object recognition using pictures and sounds. It is the most engaging interactive your child could get. The app relies on of taps making it easy for little fingers to navigate.

When the kids come to a certain age, they have to learn different things and if they’ve been playing games on your smartphone from their early age, then you need to make sure which apps are good for your child or not. Therefore, we’ve made the above list so you don’t have to worry much about finding the genuine apps on the Google Play Store for your kids aged 4 to 5 Years old. You can help this list grow, all you have to do is comment below the name or link of the app that you genuinely feel is good for kids aged 4 to 5 years old.


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