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Android 7.1 Nougat Update for Nexus Smartphones to skip most of the new Pixel features



Android 7.1 Nougat is the new version of Android which is powering the new Pixel smartphones. This new version looked very different than what the current Nougat update has. It has far better features like a new Pixel launcher, Google Assistant integration and much more, which makes it very different. And during the event, the company did not announce anything about the availability of this version on the previous nexus devices.

Well, there were a lot of speculation surrounding the same it was expected that this new version will eventually make it’s way to the older nexus devices as well. And as expected, it is reported that the new update is headed to the older eligible nexus devices. The new Android 7.1 Nougat will be made available to these devices by the end of this month. Do make a note that this will be a developer preview and not the full version.

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But interestingly, one of the most important thing to notice here is the fact that most of the new features which the company showed at the event or the features which the new Pixel devices carry will not be available for the older Nexus smartphones. And by all these new features we refer to the shiny new launcher and other Google Assistant integration, etc. But hey, this will not be the case after all. So although the older nexus users with an eligible device will be getting an update, you will be missing some of the best features which you might have liked from the pixel smartphones.

Now talking about these missing features, the below-mentioned features will not be pushed to the nexus smartphones –

  • Pixel Launcher
  • Google Assistant
  • Unlimited storage for original quality photo / video
  • Smart Storage
  • Pixel Camera app
  • Phone support (24-hour hotline)
  • Screen-share (part of the support service)

And yes, don’t expect the older nexus to work with the Daydream View as well, since it only supports the Daydream compatible smartphones. Well, all this might be quite shocking right? Yes, it is but it kind of makes sense as well. Think about it, if all these features were made available to the nexus devices as well, then what would be the point of launching a new smartphone altogether.

But it is definitely a bummer for the users who purchased a Nexus 5X or the Nexus 6P smartphone. These smartphones came a year ago and all of a sudden, even these users are now deprived of all the cool new features. And this was not expected since the company made a promise of supporting the new ones upto 24 months with all the latest and the greatest features that they have to offer. Yes, off course you will continue to receive all the small updates every now and then but not the cool new Google Assistant goodness. Well, like it or not, this is what the company has decided and there is no other way to put it.


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