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Amazon Fire Smartphone Announced – All the Details, Specs & Pricing



Amazon Fire

Amazon has been selling smartphones made by several manufacturers, but now, has become the latter too as the company today announced the first smartphone – Amazon Fire. The name “Fire” is carried from the Kindle tablet and the OS that it runs – the Fire OS 3.5. The smartphone is powered by a 4.7-inch display with the HD 720p resolution, and internally it is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a quad-core chipset clocking at 2.2 GHz. There is a support by Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB RAM.

The frame of Amazon Fire Phone is made from rubber, and it has the Gorilla Glass 3 protection on both, front and back. The buttons of the device are made of anodized aluminum. On the front, there are two speakers with the virtual surround sound.

The Amazon Fire has a 13-megapixel rear camera with the five-element lens and there is Optical Image Stabilization and a dedicated camera button. For those who take a lot of photos, Amazon is offering the free unlimited Cloud Drive space for photos.

One of the much anticipated features about the device, was the four cameras on the front. These are four specialized cameras, which would check for the position of your face, and depending on that it would depict the content on the screen. There is a lot more included in the Amazon Fire, and most of it is about the shopping and ease of doing it using the smartphone. The feature called Firefly would do the job for you, where you can just point the camera to any material lying down on the table (no you don’t need to show the barcode), and it would recognize it and show it from the database of, taking you to the purchase page if you were interested.

The Amazon Fire is going to be exclusive to AT&T network in US, and pre-order is available on Amazon, while the shipping would happen on July 25th.

Amazon Fire Smartphone Price

  • Price without any contract: $649
  • 32GB variant with 2-year contract with AT&T: $199
  • Choose AT&T’s Next plan, pay $27 per month
  • 64GB variant with 2-year contract with AT&T: $299

As a part of the introductory offer, Amazon is offering 1 year free Amazon Prime subscription for free with every Amazon Fire phone.


The first smartphone from Amazon is getting closer to reality, as BGR has brought in what it claims to be the first looks of the actual design of the smartphone. Earlier, the same source had leaked an actual photo of the smartphone, but this time it is a complete render which shows most of the external details of the device, and this can be easily believed because it looks similar to the photo previously shared. If this is what Amazon would bring out in reality, then we won’t be really impressed with the design as Amazon is bringing out a nexus of Galaxy smartphone from Samsung (no specific model as most are the same) and the Apple iPhone.

The design although isn’t something like original in looks, it isn’t bad either and that is what you would want in the hand if you are not a fan of huge screens with loads of content in a single view. One of the supposedly best features of this Amazon smartphone is going to be the six cameras which take their place on the front and back side of the device, but that would make the it a little thicker than one would expect.

Amazon Smartphone

The sources for BGR say that the smartphone is going to have a 4.7-inch screen under which a decent processor with 2GB RAM should be included and there is going to be a custom Android-OS based interface, and we are pretty sure Amazon isn’t going to use the stock Android in this (even the home screen on the leaked renders show that). While there is nothing mentioned about the material used for the body, it looks like a glass finish on the front and back, with a thin metal bezel between the front and back, and there’s no proper slow shown for removing the back panel, thus it could be a unibody design.

Although quite a large screen at 4.7-inch, the phone is said to be quite comfortable to use in one hand and to make the usage even easier, the device would have some unique gesture controls and according to one of the sources, these gestures are going to be a good success in this regard.

If you remember the Kindle Fire tablet devices from Amazon, the interface they had could be the same which this new unannounced smartphone from Amazon would have. We won’t be seeing the Play Store or the Google Play Services, and it would be Amazon’s own mobile app store from where the third party apps can be downloaded and installed.

The 3D effects in the smartphone would be dependent on the four front facing infrared cameras, which would track the position of the head of the user in relation to the device screen.

Amazon isn’t coming with the smartphone alone, as one of the USPs for this would be the “Prime Data” which Amazon is calling it for something related to the data plans by tagging with the network providers such as AT&T, but this is an expectation for now, and we are not told of any official details.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is planning to launch this phone in the third quarter of this year.

Source: BGR


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