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Amazon India starts selling Refurbished & Used Mobile Phones in India



Refurbished and used mobile phones are quite popular in certain countries. Instead of spending a fortune on new smartphones, buyers often prefer a used or a refurbished one. Refurbished mobile phones are tried and tested by the re-seller and often comes with some warranty as well. Amazon is one of the big players in this category as well. You can find a tonne of refurbished or used a mobile phone on their international website.

But in India, these used or refurbished mobile phones were never a hit. People are usually scared to put money on something which was used by someone else. The reason for the same being the quality issues. There aren’t many official stores or a proper marketplace for the same. But now it looks like it’s about to change. Amazon India has now launched a separate online store on its website to buy refurbished and used mobile phones. So this will now allow buyers to go through a variety of different used and refurbished mobile phones.

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Amazon says that these refurbished products undergo professional testing and restoration as well if it is required. This is done to ensure it meets the brand specifications, and the devices will come in sealed brand packaging with all set of accessories as well. Used products may have been in possession of other customers prior to being listed up for sale. Alternatively, if you wish to sell your mobile phone, then you also do so by going to sell section on the website. Do make a note that the used mobile phones come in three conditions and those are – Like New, Good and acceptable.

Like new indicates that the device is in extremely great condition and good indicates that it is still in good shape but buyers may notice some minor wear. The Acceptable condition indicates that the device might be a little beaten up but still is usable. You can check out the website for the detailed description on this. Also, make a note that a 6-months of manufacturer warranty will apply to the refurbished devices and the used may or may not come with a warranty. Head over to the website now and check it out.


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