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Airtel wins OpenSignal’s Download Speed Experience Award – Report



Internet usage in India has been significantly raising over the past few years – thanks to the reduced pricing from carrier networks all over the country. Getting a good internet speed requires minimum 4G availability, and that has continuously been increasing in India over the years.

The 4G availability has been standard across all the networks already, and the reach is evident across the country. While the world is moving forward to 5G starting this year, our increased availability of 4G indicates a step in the right direction for the future 5G.

Though the 4G across the country is evident not all the networks offer the same 4G experience. With the swelling number of smartphone usage day-to-day in the country, prominent wireless coverage mapping company ‘OpenSignal’ has come up with the latest Mobile Network Experience Report for the month of April 2019.

The report contains data collected from a total of 5,496,805 devices with a total of 20,307,348,508 measurements for the data collection over the period of last December 1 to Feb 28, 2019.

Out of all the popular networks around the country, Airtel has become the number one network in terms of download speeds beating Jio and had won the Download Speed Experience award from OpenSignal this year. According to the Mobile Network Experience report, Airtel had scored an average download speed of 8.7 Mbps, which is technically 2.5 Mbps ahead from Jio, which had scored 6.2Mbps and sat in the second place. Citing this the report had comically stated – “If Jio is India’s King of availability, then Airtel is the country’s Maharaja of download speed.”

Likely, the video consumption has been dominant in the country as well – thanks to the numerous digital streaming platforms. However, the video loading times, streaming issues with stutters are still there, and the available connections are trying hard to cope up to offer smooth video playback. Well, the OpenSignal had also calculated the Video Experience that had further revealed Airtel leading, which suggests us that 4G on Airtel has been able to allow consumers to stream higher video resolution more swiftly.

As for the upload speeds is concerned, Idea has scored the utmost and Upload Speed Experience award. And, as for the Airtel, the Upload Speed has crossed the 2Mbps mark, scoring a decent 2.2Mbps. Regardless most of the consumers out there are actively streaming videos and downloading photos using 4G connectivity, wherein Airtel has been the winner already, as stated earlier. The report also suggests the same revealing most of the mobile operators available currently often tend to focus on download speeds rather than the upload speeds.

The OpenSignal had further revealed that Jio is in the top when it comes to 4G availability; however, Airtel has supposedly shown the most significant growth in this category with an average growth increase by 10%. Furthermore, the Full Open Signal report can be found here.


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