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How To Use Air View on Galaxy Note 5 with S Pen Stylus



Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Air View

The best feature available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the S Pen as it enables users to make full use of big screen and amazing UI. One of the interesting features of the S Pen is that it allows you to preview the content on your device without touching the screen. It is known as the Air View, which works only when the S Pen’s pointer shows a solid color when you place that on your device. Here are few things that you can do using the Air View feature on your device.

  • Step 1 : After enabling the Airview feature, you need to go to Gallery app.
  • Step 2 :You can enlarge you picture by placing the pointer towards the Photo Album in your Gallery.
  • Step 3: You can also view the description or name of the icon when the pointer hovers over it.
  • Step 4: While you are watching a video, you can go to a specific scene by hovering the S Pen over the timeline. You can also check the details such as Volume, Play/Pause, and Forward/Backward buttons.
  • Step 5: You can preview the content of an email by hovering it on the list of emails.

This is quite convenient feature when you want to preview the things before opening them. So, make full use of this feature whenever you want. We have also covered a few other useful Tips & Tricks of Note 5 mentioned below.

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