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A Chinese Court Imposes Ban On Older iPhone Devices as part of Apple-Qualcomm Dispute



Its pretty evident that Apple and Qualcomm don’t get along well together – as they are constantly suing each other in courts for several patent and chipset usage cases. One such ongoing dispute has led to the banning of older iPhones in China. A Chinese court has declared a ban on sales of iPhone models prior to the newly released iPhone XS and iPhone XR models.

The ban is a result of triumph to Qualcomm since it has acquired a preliminary injunction from the Chinese court. According to court, Apple has been found dishonoring software patents owned by Qualcomm, which are mainly related to resizing pictures and application management.

According to Reuters, Apple had commented on this stating this is a desperate move from Qualcomm and further stating that the chipset makers’ illegal practices are currently under investigation by regulators, globally. To which, Qualcomm had responded stating that the Cupertino tech giant is continuously profiting from the chipset manufacturer’s intellectual property and also declining to compensate them.

Regardless of the court’s decision, Apple assures that the older models starting from iPhone 6s to iPhone X, which are under the case documents filed by Qualcomm are still available to sale in Chinese markets. Apple believes that the allegations of Qualcomm on iPhones can most likely be fixed by their latest iOS 12, which currently supports all the older iPhone models in the above mentioned category. We have to wait further for at least a few more days to see how the Chinese court decision impacts sales on older iPhone models.

Previously, Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, ZTE were imposed on a ban on US markets, but, an American tech giant like Apple receiving a ban from a Chinese court to stop selling the devices in their country is indeed unusual. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more updates!



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